Apparently you need to be a republican to be brave in America.

I just finished reading Steve Ambroses' The Wild Blue about B-24 crews in WW II which focuses on George McGovern who later ran for President on the Democrat ticket.

In 1972 the far right did the same thing to him they did to Kerry in 2004. McGovern, who finished his 35 mission tour, they claimed was a coward. On more than one occasion McGovern landed a heavily damaged bomber, on one occasion on the small fighter strip on Vis which was usually too short for bombers. He and his crew watched as the next disabled bomber that attempted to land crashed into the mountain at the end of the strip. He also flew an entire mission with the knowledge that on his return to base he only had one main landing gear to land on. He was widely regarded as one of the best pilots in his Group. The man who benefited from the attacks on McGovern in 1972 was a naval passenger control officer for the Southern Pacific air transport command. McGovern flew 35 missions over heavily defended targets in Europe and Nixon was a glorified airline clerk in the Pacific. 1972 was one of the dirtiest elections on record in the US and eventually saw many White House employees go to jail and Nixon lose his office.

In 2004, a few men who in the past had acknowledged Kerry as being a good commander suddenly questioned all his actions and awards. Suddenly his wounds were somehow self inflicted and the engagements where he received awards for courage never saw any enemy fire...even if the official after action reports state there was fire- often heavy- and Kerry's boat was laid up for extensive repairs. This being done to benefit an encumbent republican president who through his father's connections sat out the war in Texas and a VP who received five draft deferments. You can talk big and do nothing and still be a hero if you're a republican apparently but if you're a Democrat you need to have your head blown off in action and even then the morons on the far right will still probably claim it was self inflicted.