If anyone wants to take action or participate in this event here are the details:


Update & Plans for George Galloway tour

The actions to bring George Galloway into Canada to speak are multiplying. There have been email and online petitions, letters to the editor, opinion pieces and official editorials in newspapers, press conferences, lobbying, demands from Members of Parliament and from Quebec Ministers of the National Assembly, and a lawsuit - all to overturn the decision to ban him. Over 5,000 people and 45 organizations have officially endorsed Galloway to speak here.

The Conservative government seems determined to use Galloway as an example on how far it will go to silence opposition to it's failed war in Afghanistan and it's unconditional support for the Israeli government.

CARAVAN TO THE BORDER: Monday, March 30th, the Galloway tour organizers from SPHR are calling for a mass presence at the Canadian/US border in Lacolle, Quebec to support the Canadian and Quebec MP's and MNA's who plan to escort Galloway into Canada.

A border caravan will leave from Montreal Monday morning. Please show up by 9:30am at Carre Cabot, on Ste. Catherine & Atwater, corner of rue Lambert Closse (Metro Atwater, across from the Pepsi Forum). There will be buses. If you have a car, we need you to help caravan people there to arrive by 12 noon. Please write back if you have a car and how many people you can take, OR if you plan to come and need a ride to: Galloway.Canada@gmail.com

For more information on the Canadian tour dates and locations:

(Ottawa) http://ottawapeace.blogspot.com/;(Toronto) http://www.nowar.ca/(Montréal) SPHR: Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights. Stand With Palestine Across Canadian Campuses

Montreal: George Galloway will be speaking in Montreal on “Resisting war from Gaza to Kandahar“ either in person, or by live video feed. Either way, the audience will be able to interact with MP Galloway and ask him questions.

Date: Wednesday April 1stTime: Doors Open 6:15 P.M. (Starting at: 7:00 P.M.)Location: Concordia University, Hall Building, Room H-1101455 de Maisonneuve West, (Métro Guy-Concordia)
Tickets Prices:$20.00 Adults $10.00 Students and Seniors

To purchase Montreal tickets, or more information on the George Galloway tour in Canada: SPHR: Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights. Stand With Palestine Across Canadian Campuses Solidarity, Let Galloway Speak Committee Le Comité Laissez parler GallowayGalloway.Canada@gmail.com

We urge you and your organization to sign on as a matter of principle. Please forward this endorsement to others: We the following Quebec and Canadian organizations, institutions, and individuals endorse British MP George Galloway's presence in Canada to speak on the Middle East, Central Asia and Canada's role in these regions. We have the right to be informed about Palestine, Israel, Afghanistan and Canada's role in the Middle East and Central Asia, and we have the right to support the Palestinian people. We find it unacceptable that the Harper government has crossed the line against civil liberties and human rights in banning, censoring and/or threatening its opponents on the Middle East and Central Asia. We denounce the libeling of those who disagree with the Harper government's Middle East policies as terrorists, supporters of terrorism, or anti-Semites.

Return to: Galloway.Canada@gmail.com

(Please circulate this appeal to your contacts and networks).