The Lies That Led to War

Hmmm...should prove interesting.
I just watched it here .

Nothing new but it does remind us how much GWB should be put on trial, preferably in Iraq.
I kind of like the way Neb handled things. When he punished his advisers that he no longer trusted he did the same to all their families members as well. If George was going to be sentenced to doing 'community hours' in Iraq that would include all his relatives also. Might as well include some other, pretty much everybody that had some role in supporting his crimes. In 50-60 years they might have it looking pretty nice.
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The lies that will keep the USA in that war:

While the controlled right wing news media attacks Obama for the inflammatory words of a black preacher, it conveniently ignores the hostile and bigoted comments from white preacher Hagee:

``Why do Obama's pastor's remarks get nonstop play, while no-one talks about the prominent evangelical preacher Reverend James Hagee from the southern state of Texas, who has strongly endorsed McCain?
Hagee runs a hugely profitable mega-church in the Texan city of San Antonio and specialises in rants denouncing the Catholic Church - which he calls a "white *****" - as well as the usual fundamentalist gay bashing.
But you don't see his sermons on US networks such as MSNBC or CNN, nor do you see McCain distancing or disavowing his friend Hagee. ``
I watched a piece on Hagee and his freak show just last week. Talk about a nutbar. These are the kinds of whackos that creep into power and bring countries to war in the name of god. Oh, but he's a great Republican supporter though, so he can't be all bad.
The reason why they're hammering Obama is because 'they' are threatened by him. That's why Americans should vote for him. If they really want to see change, he's the one that could bring it to them. As for Hillary - notice how nobody is squealing on her? It's because they know she's one of them. Of course! Hillary is a Bildeberg follower so she's right on track with the agenda.
The Dem and Rep candidates would do well to distance themselves from rabid clergymen; at the least it will only add to their embarrassment.

As for Lies Leading to war is anyone suggesting a good upstanding Christian such as George Walker Bush told lies that caused the deaths of untold thousands of innocents? A bible confessing born againer telling lies? Say it ain't so!!

Maybe he got too immersed in the Book of Myths and lost touch with reality.
I had no idea that either Hilary or Obama were rabids!

Gnaaaaaaaaaaa Whuts Up Doc?

Religion is like a condom.....

Wornto help the crusade but abandoned when the goal is reached.

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