Amazon fires

Since at least the middle of August there's been some impressively large fires burning in the Amazon basin and south America this year.
I am horribly worried cause of it and i can't stop thinking what the global impact on the environment would be.
any thoughts?

PS. This is my first post on the board and i want to say Hi to everyone!
Welcome Jack. Start a thread about you over here,
I hadn't heard of that. Are they man-made fires for clearing forest or wildfires?
@eh1 eh : Thanks, I will certainly have a look, I am glad to find like minded ppl

@Tonington: I don't really know much about that, good question I will have look into it.
I heart that there were over 10 thousands sites on fire in the Amazon basin because of agricultural purpose, expansion of farmland. As we know that, Amazon basin is covered dense tropical forest and Forest is absolutely essential for us. It became an important issue in the evolving debate about environment. Also, in many countries, maintaining forest has became a legal requirement. I think we should concern this issue more and can join organizaion related in keeping forest.
I am certainly eager to concern the issue more, If you have any ideas/suggestions on how we can go about doing that let me know. I am ready !