210,000 Hate crimes in Canada in 1999

PDF] Hate Crime in Canada:
Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 85-551. Hate Crime in Canada: An Overview of
Issues and ... collecting police-reported hate crime statistics in Canada. ...
www.statcan.ca/english/freepub/85-551-XIE/0009985... - Text Version - Similar Pages

There was in the year 1999 from the PDF in Canada, 210,000 reports of what could be considered a hate crime. So i think Canada is less tolerant than Americans in this issue, but that is a known fact in a U.N survey in 1993 59% of Canadian were proven to be racist in that report.
What it really means is Canada spends more money and resources charting graphs.

BTW see section 2.2.
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I'd be really interested in what is classified as a hate crime. Calling someone a brainless bonehead when he cuts you off in morning traffic doesn't make it. I don't believe it.
Researcher could you provide some proof of your claims?

God I hope not Juan, if a brainless bonehead is a hate crime I'm going to jail.

or the PDF Hate Crime in Canada, it is a statistics Canada 50 page memo.
7 years, 30,000 per year, or 862 per day. That's almost half as many car break-ins in Surrey each day!

How do the authorities keep up?
Isn't Surrey wonderful.

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