Why do the French rather riot than work?

Why is it that so many French people would rather riot than work?

For nearly a fortnight, French students repeatedly have taken to the streets in protest of a modest labor reform proposed by Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin. It seems that Villepin had the audacity to suggest that companies hiring workers under the age of 26 have the ability to fire those workers in the first two years of employment. Villepin’s far-from-Draconian reform is a reaction to the country’s government-planned entitlement state, overregulated labor laws, and sky-high jobless rate.

But French students apparently prefer their little worker’s paradise just the way it is. The overall jobless rate in France hovers around 10 percent, so-called “youth unemployment” is 23 percent, and in some of the Muslim-heavy suburbs, joblessness is nearly 50 percent. Some paradise.

In France, you see, companies don’t grow because it’s too costly to hire while it’s against the law to fire. Hence, since they rarely add jobs, French businesses under-perform, under-produce, and under-employ. Think of it: It’s awfully tough to increase output without a growing workforce to produce it.

The Villepin reform, of course, would make it a lot easier for firms to hire since they would no longer have to lock-in high wages and benefit costs without first confirming worker productivity, at least for two years. But in response to this mild capitalist reform, a reported 500,000 students have emerged in angry protest. There’s now even a threat of a general strike, with government unions, trade unions, and student unions possibly teaming together to shut down the entire French economy (or what’s left of it).

Of course, it wasn’t all that long ago that young Muslims rioted and vandalized urban centers across France. Their beef was cultural in nature, but it was also rooted in the fact that France is anti-opportunity, anti-wealth, anti-jobs, anti-markets, anti-work, and anti-capitalism.

Indeed, at the heart of the French problem is a statist-run socialist economy that is massively overtaxed and overregulated. France’s public government sector, for instance, accounts for more than 50 percent of GDP. In other words, private business in France is in the minority.

Added to this, France’s top personal tax rate is 48 percent, with a VAT tax of nearly 20 percent. So that means French laborers face a combined 68 percent tax rate on consumption and investment. No wonder France has created less than 3 million jobs over the past twenty years, compared to 31 million in the United States. Economic growth in “cowboy capitalist” America has exceeded that of France’s worker paradise by nearly 50 percent.

In a dramatic speech to the European Parliament last summer, British Prime Minister Tony Blair hit the mark when he criticized all Western European economies for their inability to compete on an acceptable global level. Asked Blair, “What type of social model is it that has 20 million unemployed in Europe? Productivity rates falling behind those of the USA? That, on any relative index of a modern economy — skills, R&D, patents, information technology — is going down, not up?”

Financial Times international editor Olaf Gersemann blames French and European unemployment on high minimum-wage requirements and overly strict employment-protection laws. Gersemann, who scathingly criticized Western Europe in his book “Cowboy Capitalism,” says these labor-market regulations have created millions of involuntary unemployed throughout Europe, affecting immigrants in particular. He writes, “Most French, German, and Italian voters simply refuse to accept the necessity of a Thatcher-Reagan style economic revolution.” He notes that per capita income in the U.S. now exceeds that of France by close to 40 percent, with Germany and Italy lagging even further behind.

All of this is reminiscent of the British disease of the 1960s and ’70s. Back then, striking labor unions closed down the British economy again and again, and it took until the early 1980s for Margaret Thatcher to put an end to it. At one point, the Iron Lady actually called in tanks and troops to stop the print unions from shutting down Fleet Street. (This is what turned media-magnate Rupert Murdoch into a pro-capitalist Thatcherite.)

Is there a Thatcher that can save Gaul? Perhaps. French Interior Minister Nick Sarkozy is a strong law-and-order man. He’s the one who ended the Muslim riots. More, he is reputed to be pro-market and pro-American. The question is, can Sarkozy wake up this nation of economic sleepwalkers and bring them into the 21st century? He ought to take a big paddle to the collective French fanny. They sure need it.

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Don't the French have the shortest work week of any industrialised nation? And something like 6 weeks of annual vacation per year? If this is so,those people have it made But, as a member of a trade union myself,they always want more and more to be happy.
i believe most european countries get 6 weeks vacation per year- i dont think thats uniquely french

but all this criticism of the french economy-- seems to be motivated by a desire to help them----- thats strange

you think blackleaf would be happy that france is going down the tubes

if france got its act together-- economically im sure there would be no end to the anti- french rage coming from the anglosphere

again seeing that sweden hasnt been involved in a major war for 200 years- and given its socialist outlook you would think the anglosphere would has no limit to the venom it would spit towards scandanavia---
is it because the french are somewhat swarthy perhaps --- what really is the root of this ANTI-FRENCH DISEASE
The used car business and the gas stations are doing a roaring business these days in France Swarthy is Ok,too[being a bit on that side myself!]
I think not
Quote: Originally Posted by cortez

you think blackleaf would be happy that france is going down the tubes

France isn't going down the tubes.
france is not going down the tubes--
i meant that blackleaf seems to think it is...
Free Thinker
I'd have to see the acutal laws before deciding on this one. If there isn't any regulations pertaining to firing during that two yr period, t hen that's wrong. I don't know anything about prior regulations on firing, so it's hard to judge a the time being. Is it possible there can be all kinds of restrictions on benefits and stuff dduring that two year period like the three monthe period here?
There ways may seem strange to us but, we must respect them. Long has it been the tradition of the Frenchman and Frenchwoman who are fed on pork and redwine to riot in the streets at the smallest sign provocation. The reason why is lost in the mist of time but, I imagine they do so just to be a counter balance to the English who are reknowned for their orderly queueing.
Paddle the French Fanny

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Islam in France : Did you know … ?

Did you know that young Muslim girls demand to be exempted from Sports and Biology classes, without being penalized at the exams? (Source: Le Nouvel Observateur)

Did you know that Muslim women require and get special schedules that are exclusively reserved for her in public swimming pools? (Source: Revue Politique)

Did you know that Muslim female students require and get to be escorted by their husband and to be judged by a woman to their exams? (Source: Le Nouvel Observateur)

Did you know that a Muslim association (’Unir’ at the Paris XIII university) question the right for “western culture” professor to judge the work of a Muslim student? (Source: l’Express)

Did you know that Muslims demand and obtain the suppression of the Christmas celebration in schools?

Did you know that Muslims, abusing of the laic public schools, demand and obtain the removal of Christmas trees? (Source: Le Parisien)

Did you know that Muslims demand and obtain the prohibition of pork and of non hallal (preparation of food according to Islamic law) meat in the French schools where they are in majority?

Did you know that in the government administration, Muslims demand additional days off for their Islamic celebrations?

Did you know that Muslims demand praying rooms in our schools, high schools and universities?

Did you know that Muslims demand arranged schedules for their 5 daily prayers to schools, high schools, universities and companies?

Did you know that Muslims demand a revision of our history books to integrate the history of their country and religion? (Source: Le Nouvel Observateur)

Did you know that in order not to “irritate” Muslims, all references to Charles Martel, Jeanne D’Arc and many mores… will be removed from our scholar books?

Did you know that Muslims females require their Islamic veils to work in public jobs (government administration, hospitals, schools…)?

Did you know that Muslim female students in medicine require to work only with female patients? (Source: Le Monde, Le Figaro)

Did you know that doctors were violently beaten because they had healed women without the assent of their Muslim husbands? (Source: Le Monde, Le Figaro)

Did you know that many French high schools with a North African majority have “Death to the Jews”, “Death to the Christians” and “Support Ben Laden” inscriptions on their walls?

Did you know that most of far left and Muslim associations claiming themselves as “anti racists” (oumma.co . . .) militate for the disappearing if Israel and of the Jews?

Did you know that during the manifestation against the war in Iraq, some “pacifists” and “anti” racists Muslim were exhibiting portraits of Ben Laden or Saddam Hussein? (Source: Les 4 Vérités)

Did you know that a savage named Djamel who burnd a young girl alive, Sohane, was acclaimed in his Val de Marne ‘cité’ (Muslim suburbs) when he came for the fact reconstitution? (Source: France 3)

Did you know that the young blacks and Muslims who burned a white supermarket vigil alive (in 2002 at Nantes) feels no remorse and are proud of themselves? (Source: the lawyer)

Did you know that a “book of good behavior”: ‘The licit and illicit in Islam’, sold in France for more than 10 years, explains how a good Muslim have to beat his wife: “with hands”, “with neither a whip nor a piece of wood”, “and avoiding her face”? (Source: l’Express)

Did you know that in Belgium, Islamic militias patrol in the streets to “control the bad and racists white cops” and to apply their own rules? (Source: Libération)

Did you know that new laws will force the Police, the Army, and general public jobs to hire with priority people coming from immigration, and that 35 companies (France TV, Peugeot, Casino) have signed a foreign preference contract for staff recruitment? (Source: Government)

Did you know that in high schools, Muslims students put on their coat before going to the blackboard “in order not to cause any covetousness”, that in schools Muslim fathers refuse to leave their daughters in a class with a male teachers, and that a school had to organize a SAS without windows to recognize the mothers, veiled from their foot to their head, before returning them their Children? (Source: Le Monde)

Did you know that in schools some students instituted the separate usage of 2 taps in the toilettes, one reserved for the “Muslims”, the other to the “French”, or that a local responsible of the Muslim cult demanded separate cloakrooms because “a circumcised can not undress next to an impur”? (Source: Le Monde)

Did you know that to the question “in case of a conflict would you defend the nation?”, of 10 people coming from immigration 7 answered no, 2 were laughing, and just 1 is willing to fight for France? (Source: Le Point)

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Quote: Originally Posted by cortez

france is not going down the tubes--

So all the stuff about Frogland on the news recently was my imagination?
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National Suicide
March 26, 2006 05:55 PM EST

Events in recent months have shown that France is in the process of committing national suicide.

The latest round of French violence centers on a law that would allow French businesses to fire young workers within the first two years of employment without providing a reason. Current French employment law makes it prohibitively difficult for companies to terminate workers.

The high rate of youth unemployment was cited as a contributing factor to the Muslim riots in France last year. Given that unemployment among French young people stands at 23% with rates much higher for impoverished youth, the law is designed to open the door for greater opportunities for the young and inexperienced.

French youth don’t see it that way. They see the law as stripping away a “right” (permanent employment) to which they are “entitled.” This is, of course, all tied to the French system of cradle-to-grave socialism.

The problem is that in a world economy, neither France nor any other single nation makes the rules and the current rules of the global economy do not allow for non-competitive economies to win. The French economy is stagnant and the French are losing in the game of world economics. No amount of marching, rioting or burning of cars will change that.

One would think that any law that could create more opportunities for youth would be embraced by the young people that stand to benefit, but not in France. French youth are apparently afraid to complete, to work hard and prove their worth before entitlements kick in. The rioting young people are emblematic of a nation that is moving inexorably toward extinction.

Sure, just about everyone would like to have a job for life, work no more than 35 hours per week and enjoy a wide variety of government benefits. The problem is paying for it.

While the capitalistic system in the United States is not without its problems, the capitalistic system is an engine for economic growth and that, in turn, produces a prosperous society as a whole. The French socialistic system does not reward hard work and productivity and, in fact, encourages the best and brightest in France to seek their fortunes elsewhere.

In addition, the onerous business climate does not encourage foreign investment in France. While outsourcing is an issue in the United States, one virtually never hears of U. S. jobs going to France.

As the citizens demand more from government and there are fewer ways for government to meet their demands, the French economy and ultimately the French society must collapse.

The expansion of the French culture around the world commenced in the early 1600s and continued until the end of the 19th century. Following World War II, French imperialism came to an end and today few lands outside of the French border remain under French control and influence.

The French are proud and protective of their culture and many French look upon American capitalism with disdain. This was no better demonstrated than by none other than French President Jacque Chirac at a European Union summit last week when he stormed out of the meeting when a French business executive addressed the summit in English, the “language of business.” Chirac, as do many in France, are simply living in denial of declining relevance of France and the French culture.

Socialism doesn’t work. It has been proven before and the French are proving it again.

Given the long history of French culture, it would behoove the young people of France to look beyond their short-term desire for a life of comfort and entitlement and think of the long-term consequences of their action. France is dying. In another generation or two, it may very well exist only in the history books.

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