US Army commander warns blogs are a security risk

US Army commander warns blogs are a security risk

Get the word out, he tells commanders

By INQUIRER staff: Sunday 28 August 2005, 12:22

A WEBSITE called the Project on Government Secrecy claimed to have published a memo sent to all army leaders cautioning personnel not to file information that could be used against soldiers by the enemy.
According to Secrecy News, General Peter J. Schoomaker said some soldiers were posting sensitive matters to websites and blogs, revealing tactics, techniques, procedures and vulnerabilities.

Schoomaker said, according to Secrecy News, that "the enemy is actively searching the unclassified networks for information... the enemy is a pro at exploiting our OPSEC vulnerabilities."

Commanders of troops were told that the enemy would exploit sensitive photographs. "Get the word out and focus on this issue now," he said. "I expect to see immediate improvement.
Reverend Blair
They'd really like to shut everybody up so all anybody ever hears is the lies those in charge want us to hear. I don't think it will work though...people will keep on talking back and speaking out.