In my pants.

This was played at the last tuperware party I attended. (involving a
large rubber dildo) but the idea of this tread is to think of any songs you
know and add "in my pants" to their title. If you find any good ones put
them here. Ok here is three.
TNT ( in my pants) AC/DC
lethal injection (in my pants) slipknot
Yellow (in my pants) Cold Play
Rick van Opbergen
so if I understand it correctly, your thinking goes like this: tuperware - dildo - idea for new thread! OK I'll help you peapod! Just because of the name ("in my pants")
Rick van Opbergen
"Angst In My Pants" - Ron & Russell Mael
"I've Got A Bag Of Milk In My Pants" - Tom Green
"Ants In My Pants" - Say Anything
"Party In My Pants" - Barnes & Barnes
"I Can't Dance, I Got Ants In My Pants" - Charlie Gaines and Clarence Williams
good ones sambal :P
Reverend Blair
Plastic Seat my pants. Southern Culture on the Skids.
I love this game
Gettin jiggy wit it (in my pants) will smith
Britney Spears seemed as good a place to start....

(I Got That) Boom Boom in my pants

Baby One More Time in my pants

Bombastic Love in my pants

Born To Make You Happy in my pants

Boys in my pants

I've Just Begun (Having My Fun) in my pants

Let Me Be in my pants

Right Now (Taste The Victory) in my pants

She'll Never Be Me in my pants

Showdown in my pants

Touch Of My Hand in my pants

What It's Like To Be Me in my pants

When I Found You in my pants

You Got It All in my pants

And finally...

Oops! ...I Did It Again in my pants
Reverend Blair
Old Mother Reagan in my pants...The Violent Femmes
7nation army "in my pants" white stripes band
Rick van Opbergen
Call On Me (In My Pants) - Eric Prydz
I Want More (In My Pants) - Faithless
These Words (In My Pants) - Natasha Beddingfield
Morning Has Broken (In My Pants) - Cat Stevens
Rick van Opbergen
Strange Fruit (In My Pants) - Billie Holliday
Linkin park - With you (In my pants)
Diamond Sun
Someday in my Pants - Glass Tiger
It's all about the Money in my Pants - I don't know who sings this
Another night in my Pants - The Real McCoy
Rick van Opbergen
November Rain In My Pants - Guns N Roses
Diamond Sun
(I wish that I had) Jesse's Girl (in my pants) - Rick Springfield.
Dexter Sinister
How about the Beach Boys:

Wendy in my pants
Let Him Run Wild in my pants
Good Vibrations in my pants

Jeez, now I'm showing my age, aren't I. Well, might as well go for broke....

Bob Dylan:

Things Have Changed in my pants
I Want You in my pants
Not Dark Yet in my pants

The one and only Creedence Clearwater Revival, best rock'n'roll band there ever was:

Proud Mary in my pants
Bad Moon Rising in my pants
Who'll Stop the Rain in my pants

And from the Beatles classic Rubber Soul album:

Michelle in my pants
If I Needed Someone in my pants

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