Battlefield 1942

This is a great and addictive game after the addons. I downloaded a mod called "Battlegroup42" and it's made the game so much richer and much more fun compared to the "vanilla" version. I have little time for games, but this one kept me up last night playing.. I see they have a couple addon packs for the game and also a new version "Battlefield 2" called Battlefield Vietnam.... Good times

If you like war games, try this one out. As I said, I rarely play games but if I get the chance I try some of them out.. This one's great whether you're Soviets pushing Germans out of Eastern Europe or Germans pushing the Americans back out to sea at Normandy. There's a huge mod community at with tons of screenies
Me Beat You
Battlefield 1942 is definately a great game, but it doesn't need mods. The only one that I ever looked into was Desert Combat ( and it proved to be worth it. I still believe that the originals are better, along with the upcoming "Battlefield 2". Can't wait for it to come out

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