Cancel Telus .ca

Brilliant. Calling out the crony capitalists.
Cancel TELUS - The Rebel
Why don't people just cancel Telus and tell them why instead of signing silly petitions... oh... wait..I know... they probably are with Telus because its cheaper and don't want to pay extra
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Brilliant. Calling out the crony capitalists.
Cancel TELUS - The Rebel

Walter and The Rebel are lunatic lefties confirmed.
What is wrong with TELUS?
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What is wrong with TELUS?

They are against global warming and have good rates. It's creates quite a conundrum
Nick Danger
I'm not generally given to contempt prior to investigation, but experience has taught me that anything published by The Rebel is crap so I just click right on past.
Now I understand why y'all still tug the forelock to the queen of England. Y'all got a completely different notion what "rebel" means than we have down south hereabouts.
Oh great, I was going to cancel Telus because my discounts expired last month. Now they'll think I'm some rightwing crank.
There is really no reason for Telus to be interfering with politics.

But I have a good rate under a discount through work with them.

Also in most cases consumer actions rarely change anything.
Dixie Cup
I wanted to cancel but hubby said "No". I think its despicable but I'm not arguing with hubby as its not worth it.

You should always do what your husband says anyway.

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