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How would you fix Ontarios's economy?
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How would you fix Ontarios's economy?

By doing what they did to the west way back when and not caring.
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How would you fix Ontarios's economy?

Elect a premier who can spell government.
Kathleen Wynne’s ‘open government’ launch marred by spelling mistake | Toronto Star
Lower the value of the Canadian Dollar, and let manufacturing flood it's way back in.

Oh ya!!! Like it used to be when Ontario was the healthiest province economically not so many years ago.
How do we fix ( Ontario's ) Economy?

- Find True leaders. Although Wynne was not democratically elected...She would still probably win an election....That is a problem.( I will say Leadership at the Federal level has gotten better...There are Good Party Leaders, and Right-Handers...After that, however, it begins to fall away )

- Should be a Leadership/Gov. turn-over Every 8 to 10 yrs... Ensures change/Stirs the Pot/Prevents Stagnation/Limits Corruption/Shakes up the Movers and Shakers/Filters, Separates B.S from Legit/Brings Problems to Surface so they can be cleansed; Solutions and Answers found.(Etc...)

- Cut Corporate Welfare to Capable Big Biz.

- Limit Gov/Biz Buddy partnerships.

- Encourage Entrepreneurship.Invest in Entrepreneurs.

- Open markets( With countries who hold Canadian Values )

- Invite/Encourage/Invest in NEW Biz/Markets


Paying people weekly would give them more flexibility with payments and purchases.


Just to name a few.


All said and Done....Ontario is a Great Province...Canada a Great Country...But of course the goal is, always, to make it Even Better; Ever-Greater.
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