Who is watching the IRS anyway?

Top Tier Fail.

The IRS has no problem finding and auditing your home office deductions, but somehow sent $3.3 million in refunds to a single address that filed 2,137 separate tax returns in a single year

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service may have delivered more than $5 billion in refund checks to identity thieves who filed fraudulent tax returns for 2011, Treasury Department investigators said Thursday. They estimate another $21 billion could make its way to ID thieves’ pockets over the next five years.

The IRS is detecting far fewer fraudulent tax refund claims than actually occur, according to a government audit that warned the widespread problem could undermine public trust in the U.S. tax system. Although the IRS detected about 940,000 fraudulent returns for last year claiming $6.5 billion in refunds, there were potentially another 1.5 million undetected cases of thieves seeking refunds after assuming the identity of a dead person, child or someone else who normally wouldn’t file a tax return.


Treasury audit says IRS missed more than $5 billion in ID theft-related tax fraud last year - The Washington Post

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Who is watching the IRS anyway?

Not me!
In my many years of working for the IRS, I came across many cases of tax fraud. Thought by now that this mess would have been cleared by now but it looks as if the problem is about as bad as ever.

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