Fake Hate Crimes

Black student at Texas A&M who claimed he found racist notes on his car saying the n-word, 'all lives matter,' and 'you don't belong here' put them there himself, campus cops say

We'll see after the investigation the timing is pretty good timing with today's climate

RCMP investigate racist letter sent to Pictou Landing chief


The chief of Pictou Landing First Nation in northern Nova Scotia says she can no longer stay silent about the racism she's faced after receiving a threatening letter last week that police are now investigating.

The letter addressed to Chief Andrea Paul was sent to her office on July 10.

It includes a drawing of an Indigenous person and a Black person hanging from a tree. Underneath it reads, in part, "this is what I think of about Natives and Blacks. You think you rule the world."

On Friday, Paul shared a photo of the letter on Facebook, but said it's far from the only racist attack to which she's been subjected in recent months.

"It doesn't stop," Paul told CBC's Information Morning on Monday. "It just continues and it's absolutely terrifying.".....More


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