Too much sleep as dangerous as too little: study

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Sleeping too much can harm you as much as sleeping too little, a new U.K study indicates.
With seven hours seen as the optimal amount of sleep for the average adult, the study subjects who cut the duration of their sleep from seven hours to five hours a night had a 1.7-fold increased risk of death from all causes, according to the research, presented Monday to the British Sleep Society.
They also had twice the increased risk of death from a cardiovascular problem.
More surprisingly, scientists found those individuals who increased the number of hours they slept per night from seven to eight hours or more were more than twice as likely to die as those who kept sleeping for seven. They were also more likely to die from non-cardiovascular diseases.
"Short sleep has been shown to be a risk factor for weight gain, hypertension and Type 2 diabetes sometimes leading to mortality,' said Francesco Cappuccio, an author of the study.
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How do your sleep patterns fit with the results of this study?

My sleep patterns are irregular. No other way to describe it, and I know it isn't healthy. Not enough sleep during the week, too much during the weekend, and occasionally I sleep entirely too much during the week, like when the power goes out. I think 8.5 hours would be best. I seem to feel refreshed and alert when I can get a few days of 8.5 hours sleep, which is a rarity...

But I'm a healthy weight, roughly 77kg and 1.80 m. I walk or bike everywhere, and eat healthy for the most part. There is a diabetes risk in my family, I hope I don't get it
Nothing like reporting on science before it even hits the peer review process.

1. they were unable to correlate long sleep durations with any mechanism for increased mortality
2. "you" refers to you only if you happen to be a UK civil servant, or if there is not stratification correlation
3. typical correlation - causation conflation in this media report
4. choice of quotations suggest the journalists may have quoted something which is not statistically significant

I assume the scientists know more statistics than these media people. The actual article will probably be less jarring, if you are interested you will have an easier time tracking down the article from this link, once it passes peer review and is published.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Niflmir View Post

I assume the scientists know more statistics than these media people.

Error #1, error #2 is assuming they lie less.

3 weeks is as long as a person can go while just taking 'cat-naps'. Cat naps are 2 hours long and to not start getting 'careless' you need more sleep that that on a steady basis. 6 hours at once will mean you can run at that speed forever or until you get old. OH&S standards
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Holy necroposts!

I've been asleep for a dozen years!

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