Is this really Terrell Owens?

He is known as the most selfish player in football with a history of "throwing quarterbacks under the bus". Now he is crying for his quarterback and team???
I watched several ESPN commentators say that it's legit.
that was definitely legit. The media has always portrayed him to be a selfish person. He is a person who deeply cares for this quarterback. Set the egos aside and he built that connection. Romo messed up last year.... He fumbled the snap who was about to kick the game winning field goal. On top of that this year he recovered and built a stronger link with owens but came short once again. Sad but thats the way sports work. You have to have passion and also an outlet. I saw owens do stand up comedy before and i have seen his touchdown dances and now i have seen him cry for his loss as a team and for his beloved quarterback. Thats life. He is only human

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