North American is our and we want it back

French first? Not likely, Mohawks remind premier
“North America belongs to the French”?

No, Jean Charest, you’re wrong – the first inhabitants were aboriginals, Kahnawake grand chief Mike Delisle Jr. says.

Rebuking the premier over the comment – which Charest made Feb. 13 during a visit by former French prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin – the Mohawk leader says his people are insulted.

The remark shows “just how little priority you place on native people or our issues,” Delisle wrote Charest in a letter released this week to aboriginal media.

“In your eyes, since the French were here before the British, they should be considered as ‘original owners’ ” – and that’s “highly insensitive and, indeed, an insult,” Delisle wrote.

“We are not going away. We are here for the long haul.”

There’s been no response from Charest or his office.

The issue comes at the start of an election campaign, but Mohawks usually boycott Quebec and federal elections, so losing their votes is not at stake. More than 7,000 people live in the Kahnawake reserve or are registered there.

Charest made his remark at a news conference at which Raffarin announced a $12.5-million package of gifts for Quebec City’s 400th anniversary next year.

“North America belongs to the French,” Charest said, sounding a nationalistic note for his French guest. “And we want it back.”

Showing off to the French Prime Minister, really pisses me off. Maybe he should take a lesson in history. His precious France gave them to the British in the Paris Treaty of Feb. 10, 1753. But no they seem to forget that they were not important for France to keep, the people here at that time were only an after thought to the french. Also what they call "Nouvelle France" was just settlements and not a country.

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Charst has always been an idiot, Mulloonys little puffy headed doorman, a smilely feelgood piece of corporate slime.
I maybe no fan..but damn alway here these say buzz words from the left.....what exactly is corporate slim?

1st he's a politition not a business man,

and are you so sure that anything corporte must be slim too, or did you pick the phrase out of the left wing phrase book....24.95 plus lots of socialist taxes, at Chapters today
They're just still made about the Plains of Abraham.
You bet they are.

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