Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Well I have heard through the internet grapevine that today is our dear reverend blairs birthday :P Many happy returns reverend. And well I will just say my little toast...you are a real hoot reverend, more than once I have been rolling on the floor laughing my head off at your posts. I can only imagine what Mrs. Rev must put up with Anyway....a very happy birthday to you...
Happy Birthday from the Westcoast. Enjoy yourself, or let someone enjoy you.
Haggis McBagpipe
Hey! I know someone else who is having a birthday today!! The venerable and delightful Missy Diamond Sun her very self.

Happy birthday Rev. Hey, did you and DS know that people born on this date must each provide a Really Good Joke for all to enjoy on your birthdays?

Hotdamn, I can't wait.
nice !
Rick van Opbergen
Nice. A normal "Happy Birthday" doesn't seem to be good enough after fubbleskag post .... reverend blair!
Haggis McBagpipe
And again, happy birthday to Diamond Sun. Where is she today? HelloooOOooooo, are you too busy blowing out candles?
Diamond Sun
Happy Birthday Rev. I've only ever known one other person who's birthday was the same as mine.

Have a good one!
Happy Birthday Rev! How much is it now? 21-22?
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

New to the forum, but had to wish you a very good b-day regardless. =)

Lets hear about your birthday bash rev...any bullets flying around :P