Sympatico joins the crowd

p2pnet.net News:- They're all doing it.

With US companies scrabbling like lemmings to open online music stores, Canadian companies don't want punters going across the border - not that they need to with all the independent music sites and free p2p applications that are available.

Be that as it may, BC-based Telus Corp went with Puretracks in December, and now Bell Canada is launching an online music store.

It'll offer Puretracks, licensed to Telus, through its Sympatico ISP, says a Toronto Star story here going on that Patrick McLean, director of Internet services development at Bell, says Bell will promote the service to its Internet customers, "and may offer limited free downloads to get more people to try it. There's even a chance of introducing a monthly subscription that allows a specified number of free downloads each month, he said."

But there was a surprise.

MusicMatch launched a music-download service in November and shortly after, Bell said it was in discussions with MusicMatch to bring that download services to Canada as an extension of its music streaming, says the Star, goiong on:

"McLean said Puretracks was chosen largely because it was first to launch, has tight relationships with the Canadian labels, and is strong in Canadian and francophone content. He said MusicMatch is focused on its music-streaming product and isn't ready to come to Canada just yet. 'We felt the timing was right for us to enter the market," said McLean. "The opportunity right now, the best one we have to work with, is Puretracks.'

"He said Bell is committed to its relationship with MusicMatch for streaming services, and hinted that Bell could choose a different download supplier than Puretracks when it launches its new portal with Microsoft MSN later this year," adds the report.

(Saturday 6th March 2004)