Not Evil, Just Wrong

World Premiere of the documentary by the fellow whose mike was cut off when the Gorester wouldn't answer his question.

The popular website Big Hollywood (Big Hollywood) has announced its intention to live-stream the documentary over its site, as has the American Family Association ( Other options are expected to follow.
“Technology has always been anathematic to those who dominate the modern environmental movement,” said Ann McElhinney, co-director of Not Evil Just Wrong. “And after this Sunday, perhaps we’ll have a clearer idea why. Three years ago, immediately following the release of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, we simply wouldn’t have had the capability to reach this many people short of equipping each and every one of them with his own DVD. Today, we have that technology, and thanks to Andrew Breitbart and the folks at AFA, millions of additional people will have the chance to see this film, consider its message, and be inspired to act as a result.”
Visitors to the live-streaming sites will also be able to watch (and, through social networking sites, even participate in) the panel discussion scheduled for immediately after the film, featuring experts such as world-renowned new media pioneer and ACORN buster Andrew Breitbart and the inestimable John Fund of the Wall Street Journal — among several others who will be on hand to moderate the panel and answer questions submitted by the worldwide audience.
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What: World premiere of Not Evil Just Wrong
When: Sunday, 8:00 PM EDT; panel discussion with Andrew Breitbart, John Fund, Prof. Richard Lindzen, and Prof. Don Roberts Emeritus to immediately follow.
Where: One of hundreds of premiere sites across the country (and thousands around the world)
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Anathematic? Those in the lobby for mitigating climate change typically are the ones who are advocates of new technologies, more efficient technologies. How on Earth can technology then be said to be anathematic to them? It's the luddites in the "skeptic" movement who are doing their best to make sure that old technology holds on as long as possible.

If they were at all skeptical, they'd see this infotainment for the farce that it is.
Not evil or wrong...just irrelevant (to those who use common sense).

A great many people need this message to get them moving on more pertinent issues like deforestation, which they would otherwise not think about. Gore's "message" may be infotainment for some but for many, it actually has a positive effect. Hey, the fewer garbage dumps the better and if Gore's bs is what is needed to get the masses off their lazy asses, then so be it.

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