Who Uses Weapons of Mass Destruction

Reverend Blair
We really need to back away from the US and their us of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Here's some links.




And here's what those really mean.

I am Speechless, Rev. Good stuff. Shows who is the enemy of the world.

May I use these links on other forums?
Reverend Blair
You certainly may...I stole them from other people's posts.
Thank you. I am going to spread them all over the internet.
Nice links Rev, thanks, it only proves once again that the world faces a major problem... At the end of the second flash animation, it says that it will be like that for the next 4.5 billion years, I really doubt we'll last that long. Their love of power and dominance will kill us all in the end.
Reverend Blair
I really think that's why countries like Canada (the middle powers) need to take a hard stand on this and say, "Hey, that's enough."

The major powers sure aren't going to stop it and developing nations have no power and often seek power by searching out the same weapons as the big boys have. It's the middle powers who can stop it if we really want to.
Yeah but as long as we will have US puppet as Martin in power here, it won't change, we need to have someone, man or woman that would stand up and say that we don't approve that kind of shit and that we are ready to live with consequences of our decisions. I know some people think that the US will just stop trading with us, but what they forget is that we are their most important trading partner for importations on their side. We have economic power toward them and we could use it if they want to play hard... Where is that leader that we need?? Damn I wish I knew!
Reverend Blair
It isn't just us though, Isengard. Other middle powers have to do the same. I think if we started it, it would spread though.
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great links; i'll be spreading these around like sars also
Quote: Originally Posted by Reverend Blair

It isn't just us though, Isengard. Other middle powers have to do the same. I think if we started it, it would spread though.

I fully agree with you, the more we are, the easiest it will be to protest against what's being done and stop it!
CANADA USES WMD of course!!! Here is the scenario:

0930 hours Ottawa, Parliment War Room:

Minister of Defence: "Mr. Ronald Rumsfield, I do not like how you looked at me. You criticised me and said that I make I mistake. Now I will declare war on you."

U.S.A. ambassador: "Now now now Mr. Minister of Defence, don't you think that your zero tolerance policies are getting out of hand?? I mean, having people imprisioned and assasinated just for looking at you differently or criticising you??"

Minister of Defence: "Argg silence bub, I will eliminate USA!!" Commander have the underground WMD ammo storage ready, load the silos and let the games begin MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! oh Canada!"

Canadian commander: "Yes sir, we will go to war for small reasons"

1034 Hours UN Conference, USA
UN secretary Kofi Annan: "Oh dear, Canadians are acting on their emotions again! How immature, acting like little children when they are 20-50 years old and still crying for their mommy." "Executive, I like you to try send the Psychiatric department of the UN to Canada and negotiate diplomatic situations before the evil Canuks mobilize their troops." "What? they are crazy beyond hope you say? alright, we will see what we can do in terms of humanitarian aid for this war crisis"

1230 Hours Canada Toronto Downtown

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians, from civilians to police officers to soldiers, all armed to the teeth and marching in several rows down YONGE STREET. Acompanied by tanks on the street and airforce jets flying across the skys to bomb USA with WMD warheads.

At the end of the line is a HUGE missle carrying truck with a HUGE missle and a HUGE WMD warhead. The crowd is cheering and very very very very very very very very anxious to feed their bloodthirsty appitite.

Canadian People: "WAR! WAR! WAR!" "For Mother Canada!!"

They all shout as they march across the street.

0330 HOURS Earth As a fireball

All is lost, the world is gone. every living cell has gone extinct. All evil begins and ends with Canada. Oh Canada!!

Have a nice day folks!!!
Free Thinker
You really are something, Geraldi.

Haggis McBagpipe
I suspect he is just a sad, lonely kid who can't get a date with a Canadian girl to save his ass, ergo the bitterness. He is more to be pitied that censored (as went the words of a very old song).
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Quote: Originally Posted by Andem

You really are something, Geraldi.

lol, here's another one for you:

Quote: Originally Posted by Haggis McBagpipe

I suspect he is just a sad, lonely kid who can't get a date with a Canadian girl to save his ass, ergo the bitterness. He is more to be pitied that censored (as went the words of a very old song).

???huh????? Why do you say that ?????? What does having a girl or not have anything to do with whether Canadians have nukes or not?????? Please elaborate.

On the other hand a Canadian chick is the LAST I would go for. Yuck. Ewww. They are too abusive and extreme right winged feminsts who want to kill all men. I refuse to fall in love with people who bares so much hate, fear, power thirsty and greed. A typical trait of a.... well... Canadian. It might even be bad for the human gene pool. If you breed with them, you might end up with a generation who's only goal is war, destruction and chaos.

Actually I am with a native Japanese girl, but her family is ever more superstitious and all. They don't seem to welcome "gaijin" and Japanese to go together....... Her parents won't even allow her to leave Japan. I don't know why, neither do I fully understand their culture but I suspect Canada has something to do with it all.

I'd go to Japan but noooo, I am a horrible Japanese speaker, and what makes it even more frustrating is that It is so hard in Canada to find a Japanese language and culture class. Yet it is much easier to find in the states, but then I would have to pay international student fees since I have a Canadian citizenship and not American. And I am still having a hard time finding Japanese courses in

Bottomline, Canada seems to be the worst place to suceed in anything. Not until I get past this cultural barrier between Canadians and Japanese, I would even think about going for a Canadian.

Your guess is still FAR off from the real situation little boy. Seriously you are wrong little boy. Is this how Canucks makes "educated" guesses?? ah shame shame shame.... oh well... I mean oh Canada!!
Haggis McBagpipe
Heh. Hit a sore spot, did I. 8-)

Don't worry, things will work out for you someday. I remain in great sympathy for your plight.
Reverend Blair
As do we all, Haggis.

Giraldi....not bad, but satire needs to start out with a reasonable premise, then go off on a tangent. For instance, I've written some things where George Bush phoned me up looking for spiritual advice...the premise being that he's easily confused and could conceivably make a mistake like that. It's ridiculous, but people are willing to suspend disbelief because George is an idiot and has a fetish about religion.

A scenario where Martin's Liberals actually stand up to Bush at all, never mind declaring war on the US, doesn't quite manage that. Now if you were to use an enraged Tony Blair having just lost his seat in Parliament and declaring war on George Bush, with Canada coming to his aid because of our Commonwealth obligations...that you might be able to work with.

Also, when dealing with girls from traditional families, it's easier to get them to break from those traditions than to get their families to accept you. I don't recommend that...it tends to end badly for all involved. You can have some fun in the meantime though.

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