Close shave in Oz

Lucky escape after lorry crash in Victoria, Australia

7 April 2016 Last updated at 09:02 BST

Two drivers had a lucky escape after a lorry skidded out of control on a bend.

The incident happened near Carlisle River in Victoria, Australia.

The driver who caught the footage on his dashcam, had stopped to help a woman whose car had been damaged after driving over a tree trunk in the road.

Footage courtesy of Dashcam Owners Australia

Lucky escape after lorry crash in Victoria, Australia - BBC News
Speaking of close shaves downunder, did you notice the story about the school play in NZ, they were doing Sweeny Todd, and used an actual straight razor, with duck tape over the blade? TWO students rushed to hospital with slit throats.
bill barilko
What a crappy little road that is haven't they ever heard of maintenance?

They could use gangs of convicts to cut back the brush @ the side of the road.

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