The social conservatives should be happy with this one, the Democrats surely won't be. Looks like it may come down to a straight Senate fight. So, will Bush's nomination prevail?

On the face it, one would think the Republican majority would be enough to carry Alito through. If he does get to the Supreme Court, he will be in a position to join forces with other social conservatives to reshape the whole culture of the nation. I just wonder, given Bush's dire ratings at present, and the current malaise within the Whitehouse, whether some Republican senators won't start looking towards their own Presidential ambitions - there may be some who wouldn't want him on their bench, and who might feel uneasy about moving the Supreme Court this far to the right just to appease the pro-lifers.

On the other hand, they may feel that the Republicans need to bolster their core support just now, and do the Macchiavelian thing - putting a social conservative on the bench would guarantee a lot of votes from those who just can't wait to start denying people rights, on the basis of their own malfunctioning moral compass. I'm sure there are plenty of politicians who could swallow that for a little taste of executive power.

We shall see ...