Canada's Infertility Laws Futile

Bar Sinister
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Here are two articles outlining just how useless Canada's laws banning the use of surrogate mothers and restrictions on fertility clinics are. Canadian law prohibits payment for sperm, eggs, or surrogacy services, however there is nothing to stop couples from getting around the law by going to nations like India and buying the services there. Many young Indian women are more than willing to sell their eggs or hire out their bodies as surrogates; and why not when they receive payments amounting to more than ten years income? If is relatively easy work for young women to hire out their bodies for nine months in facilities that give them good food, proper health services, and decent accommodation along with a healthy paycheck when they finally deliver the child they are carrying. The same is true of young women who readily donate several of their eggs in exchange for cash.

The result is what is known as reproductive tourism and essentially makes Canada's reproductive laws irrelevant.

Fertility laws push Canadian couples into the black market

Desperate parents resort to baby farms
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Like TNT, morphine, and alcohol, IVF fertility issues in Canada need to be regulated for the public good. Keep the people and their money in Canada and away from foreigners who cannot be controlled with laws.