Tunnel or 3rd bridge proposed for Halifax



Halifax will need a third fixed harbour crossing by 2016 to handle growing traffic needs, a new report says.

The study, prepared for the Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission, recommends a tunnel or third bridge.

"If we take a look at the projections we see a significant increase in our population and in our employment and that means there's going to be more trips for business and travel," said Steve Snider, general manager and CEO of the commission.

"Hopefully, more people will get out of their cars, but I doubt if all people are going to get out."

On the Dartmouth side, the new crossing would be based in the Woodside area off Highway 111. In Halifax, traffic would come onto the peninsula at the CN Rail cut near Point Pleasant Park in the city's south end.

The estimated cost is somewhere between $1.1 billion and $1.4 billion.

Leonard Preyra, MLA for Halifax Citadel, which includes the south end, is not convinced.
"What we need are traffic solutions that will reduce the number of cars coming onto the peninsula," Preyra said.

Snider said a third fixed crossing would allow lanes to be reserved for buses, thereby enhancing the Halifax Regional Municipality's public transit system.

Snider and board chairman Tom Calkin are quick to point out that no decisions have been made and they're open to public feedback.

"We're not trying to force this on the community," said Calkin. "We think they have to consider this very carefully."

Halifax regional councillors were briefed on the study Tuesday night. They ordered a report and postponed discussion until that report is complete.

There are currently two spans over Halifax Harbour: the Macdonald and Mackay bridges. There is also ferry service for pedestrians.

Well at least it sounds open to the public.
It's an election year. Municiple councillors head to the polls in October and they want people to think they're doing sdomething usefull.

This is just a smoke screen so we will forget about the last 10 years of inaction and ineptitude by HRM council.

After being criticized for having 'no vision' councillors can't publish studies fast enough with proposed 'visions' of HRM.

After people criticized for HRM violent crime rates they went on a similar public relations campaign with many studies and plans.

Hopefully metro residents will see through this and base their vote on what council did or not do the last 4 years.

Personally I can't wait to see a change in guard, once those tradional politicians like David Hendsbee, Mary Wile, Krista Snow, Bill Karsten and Linda Mosher are thrown out Council may actually follow their own 'proposals' and 'study recommendations' that we hear about in the media, rather then start the Circus up again.

British Columbians sunk a fortune into high-speed ferries, Ontarians sold off a major highway to a Spanish consortium who now collect tolls, Canadians paid for junk obsolete submarines and lost millions in government waffling over helicopter purchases...

You can bet that if a provincial government is being held by the gonads (ususally an investment group with a "friend" in provincial or federal government) the taxpayers will take a hit.

Our provincial governments have failed for decades to bring quality control and rigorous inspection to highway surface repair/construction with the result being that every spring the roads in Ontario at least are rendered virtually impassable in some communities.

Get the priorities straight...

Build accountability into the system at the on-set and hold the political system to this accountability then consider granting them authority to spend money....

Now I realize this isn't a concept that sits well with the sheeple of Canada but one would hope that after years of watching the same cycles of nonsense go round and round....

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