Reasons For Ontario's Independence

Why independence? That's a good question and has many answers whichone by one may not be totally convincing but which all add up to more thanenough of a justification for independence. Firstly, Canada is going to break up, that is a given. Mao once saidthat when one-third of the people support a revolution it can't fail,and the last referendum on Quebec independence showed thatover 50% of Quebecois support independence. Separatism won't happentoday , it may not happen tommrow, but rest assured, it will happen. Also what kind ofCanada would be left after Quebec goes? The Maritimes would be literally cast adrift fromthe rest of the country, and how could the West live in a Country where Ontariohad 50%+ of the population? Could a triple E senate work in a country likethat, of course not, we would be at each others throats in no time, andwe don't want to break up with the West on bad terms. There is also thefact that the Federal Government has for the past 30 years run by a cabalof Quebecois, a government of Qubecois, for Quebecois and by Quebecois,Ontario elected 90 Liberal members to the Commons, Quebec? Maybe a dozen,and yet Quebecois hold prominent positions in parliament including P.M.and Minister of Finance. We should have no problem with Quebecois wantingto be masters in their own house, and in fact should support it, but theyshouldn't run the entire block! We are ready for Nationhood. Ontario is a nation already in all butname, we have defined borders (with the West, Quebec and the U.S.) we havea population greater than many nations already in the U.N. and our economywould be the envy of any nation our size, so lets be practical, Quebecis going to leave and because of that Canada will break up, that is a given,but any good chess player always thinks 3 steps ahead, and what are thethree steps ahead if we don't come to grips with our present reality? Quebec will leave in amessy way, the Maritimes will wither on the vine and Ontario and the West will splitin a nasty (and maybe violent) way leaving much hurt feelings on bothsides, leaving Ontario weakened and unsure of itself, perfect for absorptioninto the U.S. But if Ontario is willing to survive, willing to take the bold step of movingtowards Independence we will be able to plan the breakup, keep friendly with Quebecand the West, put our house in order, merge the federal and provincial governmentinto one unitary government and we'll, after an admittedly difficult struggle,end up a safe, secure nation maintaining all the best aspects of us whileleaving the worst behind in the wreckage of Canada. These are just some of the reasons why independence for Ontario makessense. If Ontario decides to stay on the sinking Canadian ship of state,we will end up poor, shattered and ripe for American takeover (and we haveno desire to be an American colony). Or, we can take the bold stepwe can work towards independence and a split among friends,and then we will end up a richer, more unified and a nation that will be in perfectshape to take on the 21st century head on, and with our heads held high.Think about it we have a choice, a State or the United States, we know whatwe want, what about you? Independence, its the way to the future.
I think not
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Firstly, Canada is going to break up, that is a given.

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I know, that is what they wrote..silly people...
Just a note...this post is taken from the Ontario ind. site and does not reflect my views nor was it written by me....Chris

One of the rules here is that we give credit to the authors of article we post.

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One of the rules here is that we give credit to the authors of article we post.


Yes, I realize that.I copied two things from the same source and forgot to carry over the credits to this second one, though I did correct that with an additional post later
While I can't say I approve or support the claims of the original post, I certainly can relate a lot with it being a (very) soft seperatist.

I believe Canada will eventually break apart but ONLY if it refuses to change. 1867 is a while ago and things are changing fast these days... very fast. Canada has to adapt and I believe we'll eventually have to accept that provinces deserve to be given more independance... And remember that fighting for independance is NOT the same thing as fighting to seperate.

Every province has a different geographic, political, economic, social and cultural reality and we have nothing to gain in trying to dilute all these realities into a homogenic Canadian unity. My vision of an ideal Canadian unity is not one being forced by the realities of a supreme federal government where all bicker and fight to get their share of the basket. Ironically, the BLOC Québecois symbolises exactly what I think is wrong about our federalism. But I support them being they fight for CHANGE. Like me, they don't approve the current system. I'm totally against having to wait for our share of federal money to go on with our own projects.

My vision of an ideal Canada in tune with today's reality is closer to the European Union. They voted to get INTO the union... not to get out... I say provincial power should come first. Independance is the best gift any community can offer themselves, be it a village or a country. Inter-dependance then becomes the best thing of all.
Ive thought about it and id say yea Ontario and most of the Provinces could be countries but that would ruin the North. Id see the maritimes getting picked up by the states if Quebec seperates and the east west thing would be bad. Im not a political anyalist but id say we need a new party from the ones we have now. That could be an extreme possibility but i believe there is a solution to make everyone happy, we just need a good prime minister.
Then Toronto would want to separate. Then probably kick Scarberia out of the country.
It seems entirely appropriate that Canada's provinces seek separation from an inadequate and biased central government. The people of Canada have been dictated to by Quebec...for years. Now the oil wealth and ties to America strenghening daily in Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan appear prepared to dicate either separation or national policy to the rest of Canada.

The nation of Canada is a ludicrous concept. Thirty million people occupying a landmass that no amount of rehetoric and chest-pounding can establish an ability to protect or defend... Wealth companioned with natural resources that are scattered across that huge landmass means that regional interests will always be ready to tear up a contract or two and cut a new "deal" with those seen as the "highest bidder"...

Newfoundland and Nova Scotia (if I've got the basics right..) want to keep all the potential revenue from oil reserves found off-shore and yet still want the wealthier provinces to divide the federal cake evenly among the provinces.... In other words..." We Newfoundland and Nova Scotia will keep what's " Ours " and we want a piece of what's yours as well...."

British California...whoops British Columbia wants to denude the old-growth forests of that province and ship water to their good and like totally kool friends down south...

Alberta....Stinking rich global climate fouling is the pathway for millionaires to bundle millions in their personal treasuries and who gives a damn about global warming anyway....

Manitoba....perhaps will retain access to the 1954 plan to pipe water from Hudsons Bay to the ever-more arid regions of the United States where agriculture sits poised to come to an end very soon unless there's a source of water found...

Ontario....Mealy-mouthed petty-empire builders pandering to American industry and prepared to let the United States put machine gun equipped patrol boats on its shared waterways...while sitting back like a dog in a manger while the native people of Canada are screwed over by the federal government and have been for decades....

Yeah...really sounds like a nation ready to embrace each other and celebrate our mutual interests...

If Canada splits up into smaller nations im moving to Kamchatka Peninsula, seriously
If Canada breaks into smaller countries most of them would end up as states or protectorates of the US. Not a bad idea.
The major problem with this is it assumes provinces are some kind of non-artificial cultural divide.

Northern Quebec (Innuland) has nothing in common with Southern Quebec. Southern Ontario has nothing in common with Northern Ontario.

You want a good solution? Get rid of provincial levels of government (or neuter them) and put the extra power into municipal levels (and crack up super-cities into more managable cities, you don't need to be "big" for bragging rights, its innefficient).

Problem solved.
I think that the wishes of the Fathers of Confederation are, unfortunately, not being respected. Canada must have a strong and powerful federal Government of Canada , though a rather decentralised one. (In my opinion, Ministers of The Crown should have much more autonomy and decision-making power than they do under this present 28th Ministry of Canada .) Moreover, the powers and jurisdictions of the Governments of the Provinces of Canada should be much more restrictive—we have seen an unfortunate trend, in my opinion, wherein the powers of the Provinces have been expanding at the expense of the federal Government.

Such is, in my view, unconstitutional—and lending toward federal–provincial tension.

Nonetheless, I doubt the Province of Ontario would separate in the foreseeable future.
I'm with Zzarchov on this one: The only level of government that is irrelevant is the provincial one - but only if the cities are given much more power and autonomy.

The prov. gov'ts are really rather pointless, actually - they made sense when it took days to get information from one province to the next; today, what do we really need them for?

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If Canada breaks into smaller countries most of them would end up as states or protectorates of the US. Not a bad idea.

The Ontario Inp. need a good smack upside the head. Actively proposing such ideas are seditous and treason. Yeah yeah , honest debate, yada yada
Ontario is tiered of paying for the rest of Canada. Theother provences can go suck an egg. Umm, but not Alberta. Ya, Alberta, you're with us.

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