120+ MIN.w/o a Goal -Cdn Men's Hockey Olympics

Its been amazing, this is just so unlikely a thing to happen, it seems unreal somehow.

It looks like they are not trying.

They aren't, actually. Ryan Smyth can allways be counted on to jump up and get going - today he didn't even stretch out to get the puck, just let the other team get it.


Wow, its been 6 periods without a goal.
Thats 120:34 [minutes/seconds] they said.
That includes a couple dozen power plays, 5 on 3 once or twice.
They had a shot on goal once every two minutes or so, about 60.

So far..
Will it hit 140? [one more period] 160? 200? [minwog]

At least we won't need to worry about the problems of past olympics - allways playing with the lead.

But these are the top players from the nation where 65% of the NHL comes from... Even when they are not trying there should be some scoring!!

So its just bizzare. Bizarre. Bizzarre. Bizzare is right. Right?

Has anyone thought "what if Canada didn't even make the finals?"

I did, we only have to lose the next two.
Isn't that almost too much to think about?

I know my fears will be erased when the real playoff starts. This isn't real. We will get there.

What do you think?
Can't talk... still in shock.
Hi Karlin

I think they started almost as bad in Salt Lake City and they came back to win the gold medal. If we want to blame someone, we should blame the NHL. The team had one short practice together before their first game. I think they can come back if they last long enough.
Thanks MMMike and juan. At times like this we need to share, lol

Well it is over.

128:04 of drought ended with three soft goals.

Of course, we knew they would Turin it around.

Early Tuesday morning, all across Canada, we are much relieved this morning. It was as if there were a collective constipation, and now its over.

I predict NO more losses for the Mens Hky, but they won't match the perfection of the Cdn Women's Hky team this Olympics - THEY were really something the way they executed their game plan.

At the moment,

They are leading the Cze Republic 3 - 1. We'll keep our fingers crossed. And anything else we can cross...
We were outplayed but we won.
I think every player on our team should buy Brodeur a good dinner. He played a big part in winning that game IMO.
Looks like the end is nigh! 2-0 for the Ruskies late in the third period.
Its all over. We're out. We're done. We're finished.
Well, Canada was only shutout three times in six games. Things could have been worse.

I think not
I'm sure the sun will still rise tomorrow morning.

I have NEVER been a die hard fan of sports, I almost LOATHE it entirely. I enjoy a Sunday afternoon ball game once in a while and maybe cheer for the home team every.....5 years? Beyond that, I never understood why it becomes a matter of national pride to win at any game.

Oh well.
My take on it: God is watching, and as long as Bertuzzi was there, no medal was to be had.

What goes around, comes around.
The Canadians like the Americans didn't deserve to go any farther.

So that is why I think we should have Olympics for teams who want to work for several months together instead of 20+ millionaries who have never played with either other unless in an Olympics, International competition or an all-star game.

We have enough talent.
Hank C
Sad showing for mens hockey....whats worse is the USA lost too.....there is no one else to cheer for now
Hank C
would of been cool if the swiss made it to the gold medal game though
But the Canadian Womens Hky team was superb, the best display of excellance at these games perhaps - would you agree?

Canada's mens hockey team just didn't have the right stuff this year, and that is sad indeed. They have the talent, just missing something in their motivation. Comfy Millionaire Syndrome maybe - as the best, they get paid the most.

We got beat by Russia.
Russia has a very good team. Ovechkin, Kovalenko are exciting rookies to watch.

Its looking like Finland has a better team than Russia tho', they are beating them now in the semi-finals.

Sweden and Finland too - they could beat Russia.

The Checkz and Slovaks have really great teams...

WE HAVE PARITY in international hockey, and thats a good thing because it makes for great games.

2010 will be even better to win gold at, this is story-book time.

Next time eh?

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