Klein moves on his long term plan of Water Privitzation!

Klein is setting up the privatization of water the same way he ran the privatization of the electricity and that one cost us 60 billions of dollars out of pocket and the highest utility bills in the country!

He will get ATCO to build water lines and ATCO or a subsidiary will install the meters and you will be paying ATCO for the rent on your water pipelines until the end of time. Bulk water is not presently a commodity under NAFTA. However pipeline rentals are a given! Farms will be metered up; rainfall and snowmelt metered and charged for at one level or another. You may not be paying for your well water on the farm; you will be paying for the meter and pipes!

His fair for everybody routine will come into play.

The Edmonton Journal writes an ominous article Thursday February 16, 2006 Page B5. Province has stalled over water treatment report. (link not available) He is running the program on water “critical issues”. The choices are understated and misrepresented. Too expensive to put money into local water treatment facilities; better a central treatment plant and pipe lines.

Alberta Environment makes no mention that their pipe line plans are mandatory. Municipalities are told to join with Ralph’s plan to take over your water and they will give the municipality financial assistance with your water treatment plant.

If your town does not join the pipe lines they get no assistance in water treatment, your civic tax base and your house taxes will take the punishment.

An unnamed study is referred to from 2004. I would guess it is done by ATCO and endorsed me Mr. Lougheed (An ATCO employee) who has been busy advocating the movement of the Peace River south, through ATCO pipelines.

Keep in mind the other Alberta Study, the Weatherford Project fully engineered to do just that!

They are creating a problem in our minds so they can offer their privatization solution!

Remember the power? It started when Klein and company noted from "a study" that Leduc County was getting more revenue from their power lines and pipe lines than were less fortunate districts.

Many school districts did not have computers and any number of other things. So the problem was stated!

Their cure: We will put in a system where by all Albertan’s will pay the same price for their power delivery and the revenue is to be shared between all the school districts.

Well, there was no revenue sharing; he took control of the lines and put in legislation so Albertans would have to pay for the power lines to move the tar sands power to commercial outlets in the US. This was his equal share plan!

After he brought in legislation on the power lines he proceed to produce power purchase option plans while telling generation facilities they had to divest themselves of the power lines he had recently taken charge of under the umbrella of helping school districts.

Any place ATCO has got involved in municipal power or water in this province the power delivery prices have doubled! Think here of LaCrete and Vermilion AB!

The question is easy. Do you want your water and sewage in the hands of a Government you can change or in the hands of a private company wrapped up in a contract that can't be undone?

Time to start calling your MLA!
The conductor
It should remain in public hands. Any time private interests come into public utilities the prices increase at a rate that people cannot adjust there budgets.
Safety and environmental regulations take a backseat and the people they hire to look after these issues are questionable. Remember Walkerton!!
Over the past dozen years Klein has let the infrastructure in this province go unattended deliberately. Estimates run to six billions of dollars short funded that will have to be made up.

It was never his intention to make it up! As with all his programs he short funds them, then turns them over to a short list of private industry friends.

After water there is another 5 billion dollars to follow.

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