France and Germany flout EU laws. Britain obeys EU laws.

From The News of the World -

Obedient Britain has imposed 11,500 new laws ordered by Europe - while France and Germany carry on flouting the rules.

Since 1997, one in ten new pieces of legislation laid down by our government came from Brussels.

Their controls range from orders on the shape of a banana to food labelling, pollution and data protection.

But an EU reports SLAMS every other member state for ignoring its regulations. It reveals that France and Germany "persistently fail" to take action.

The French declined to implement 50 major EU laws - and the Germans turned a blind eye to 40.

As usual in the EU, it's one rule for France and Germany and another rule for the rest.
Interesting; I didn;t know that. Well, if this is true, it would be an interesting case of the pot calling the kettle black. When France and Germany were criticizing Britain and the US for attacking Iraq in violation of international law, I fully agreed with them; internaitonal law ought to be respected. But now that I read this, Britain has every right to heap the same amount of criticism on its neighbours as they so rightfully heaped on Britain and the US over the Iraq war.