This is yet another fine example of the hypocritical Scots attacking the UKIP nationalist party and calling them "racists" and "Nazis" whilst devolved Scotland itself is ruled by a bunch of nationalists - the SNP, who want Scottish independence from the UK.

The Scots see it this way:

Scottish independence from the UK = Good. "FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!" (as Braveheart once said as the English were ripping his testicles off).

UK independence from the EU = Only something which those nasty racist bigoted "Little Englanders" support.

Whilst Farage is greeted as a hero in many parts of England, this is the nasty reception which greeted him in the Scottish capital yesterday:

The Scottish independence movement showed its nasty, bigoted, anti-English side yesterday after UKIP leader Nigel Farage was attacked by a bunch of left-wing student types in Edinburgh.

Mr Farage was barricaded in an Edinburgh pub yesterday after being surrounded by rowdy left-wing protesters shouting ‘racist Nazi scum’ at him.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage was confronted by protesters in the Canons' Gait pub in Edinburgh

But the attack did not faze Mr Farage in any way.

Instead, he today accused the left-wing BBC of fanning ‘hatred’ against the UK Independence Party before dramatically ending a live interview on Scottish radio.

The UKIP leader accused the Corporation of failing to ‘report the truth’ about Scottish nationalists, who he branded 'fascist scum' in an angry attack on his opponents.

And Mr Farage railed against the Scottish media for failing to hold supporters of Scottish independence to account.

He said: ‘Either the Scottish media are going to start reporting the truth about some of the extremes of the (Scottish) independence movement here or not. But it’s about time they did.’

He likened the ‘hatred’ from BBC interviewers to that seen ‘on the streets yesterday in Edinburgh’.

Mr Farage hung up after being challenged about how much elected representation UKIP has in Scotland.

He told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme: ‘Absolutely none. But rather more than the BBC do. We could have had this interview in England a couple of years ago, although I wouldn’t have met with such hatred that I’m getting from your questions, and frankly I’ve had enough of this interview. Goodbye.’

Today Mr Farage said the protest painted an ‘ugly picture’ of Scottish nationalism.

He said: ‘The idea that UKIP is some kind of horrible, nasty, anti-immigrant, racist party is not something that was evident to the rest of the country, but of course that wasn't what it was all about.

‘It was a demonstration dressed up as being anti-racism but in fact in itself was deeply racist, with a total hatred of the English and a desire for Scotland to be independent from Westminster. I mean, my goodness me, if this is the face of Scottish nationalism it's a pretty ugly picture.

‘The anger, the snarling, the shouting, the swearing was all linked in to a desire for the Union Jack to be burnt and extinguished from Scotland forever. There's absolutely no doubt who these people were or what they stood for.’

He added: ‘I must say I have heard before that there are some parts of Scottish nationalism that are akin to fascism but yesterday I saw that face-to-face.'

He had to be taken away in a police van after a taxi was blocked by the crowd

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I like some of the comments underneath the article on the Daily Mail website:

My dead dad was a Scotsman whom moved south of the border in the late 40's. I recall asking why he came south to England,at that he produced a haggis and said `they eat so much of this that their brains are like it'. I never grasped what he meant until 6/7yrs ago when asking for directions from Linlithgow Stirling to Glasgow en-route to Campbeltown,when I was directed to get on the A1 and go south.
- Faced off , Leeds

From the Daily Mail:

Mike Shaw, president of Edinburgh University Students' Association's socialist society, said: 'UKIP protest yesterday branded as "anti-English". As a proud Englishman, arrested yesterday for protesting, I dispute these claims.'

if you're not "anti-english", what were you protesting about? What UKIP wants is to allow Great Britain to control it's own destiny rather than be subjected to the dictatorship forced upon us from Brussels by an unelected bureaucracy. For Mike Shaw to side with the Eurocrats shows a marked lack of intelligence or a treasonable attitude to all that this country stands for......
- Steve , Dortmund,

The Scot Nats a a hooligan bunch of Leftist thugs and we all know that the BBC is the propoganda machine for Left Wing Socialism in this country. God Rot all such people.

- The Green Machine , Long Eaton

The sooner Scotland becomes independent the better , they can have the BBC as well .

- John-B , London

Farage is a straight talker. just another reason to vote UKIP

- RolloTomasi , Thailand

I'd vote for Nigel but right now he's acting like a numpty, get some backbone and stop all this conspiracy theorising. UKIP supporters, I've voted Conservative all my life, I'm very swayed toward UKIP with every day but only a rabid fanatic would argue this episode shows Farage in a good light. The BBC is a rat's nest of Marxists, accept that and face it head on- don't hang up the 'phone while being interviewd, instead he should've shown the grace and charm that makes him so appealling, brushed off the odious interviewers snidey question, left it 24 hours then announced the dismantling of the BBC and the end of the license fee a manifesto promise- result would've been Nigel a shoe-in for PM at the next election, instead I- and many like me- are now uncertain of his credibility and mettle.

- Blether , London


Nigel Farage was ill advised to try his political fortunes in Scotland. He was however right to pull out of that "interview". I have watched with interest UKIPs rise owing to the treasured value of free speech here in the UK. It seems that some opponents have cottoned on to the idea that by suppressing free speech and debate, they will win the argument. They are wrong!, and UKIP will continue its upward path .
- Patonback , Norwich

Rent a mob, Anarchists. Agitators, call them what you like. They are worldwide and display the kind of "politics" prevalent in 1930s Germany and anywhere today where they feel the need to impose their political will in a violent, bullying way on others. If they disagree with Ukips policies the thing to do is register their vote at the ballot box. These people however cannot apparently leave it to chance because, horror of horrors, other citizens may vote for Ukip and they could never have their self righteous opinions challenged by mere ordinary people.
- red cloud , oldham

If anything this just makes me more sure i will be voting UKIP. Nigel Farage PM
- RightWingWanderer , Hull

However will England survive without that feeble, irrelevant, barren and perpetually Communist little EU Region of 4 million people?
- John Bailey , England

Out of Europe and give Scotland independence, all the whinging Scots in England can get back to their own side of Hadrians Wall. It was built for a purpose after all. I noticed that the majority of the protestors in the pictures are Ginger Whingers!!! - Jonster , alicante

UK Independence and Scottish independence are two different things. What concerns me most is that we never hear anything of English independence. Am I the only person in this country that believes England should start looking out for it's own interests for once? I want an English government to represent me and my people. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have it so why can't we?
- DomDom , London

90% of the Scots I have met in my life, hate the English. 90% of the Scots I have met in my life, live in England. Go figure. I have little problem with Scots in Scotland wanting independence (good riddance) but will the Scots in England return north when that happens? I think not. They'll stay here as very unpleasant guests, who insult their hosts, while eating & drinking at their table.
- Ferdinand , London

As a Scot, I was disgusted by these shouting idiots - they let down Scotland. Radio Scotland are quite robust at grilling all political sides - so Farage let himself down there. Beyond that, there is a bizarre irony/hypocrisy across the SNP/UKIP parties. They seem to want the same thing differently. I personally would like an independent Scotland - but I'd actually rather be out of Europe than out of the UK. A pretty mess.
- Chris Allan , The Menagerie, United Kingdom


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