The hijab-wearing 17-year-old Muslim girl hired as a community police officer

A 17 year old Muslim girl has been recruited as a Police Community Support Officer by Thames Valley Police. These PCSO's, dubbed "plastic police" or "Blunkett's Bobbies", have been set up because the Labour Government prefers Britain's actual police - once the best in the world - to be stuck in an office doing paperwork all day rather than on the streets fighting crime.

Thames Valley police have also recruited two 16 year olds (yes, 16 year olds), PCSO's to fight crime. One major flaw in this idea is that the legal alcohol drinking age in Britain is 18 (although it's just 5 in one's home), so how will these under-18 PCSO's be able to confiscate alcohol from minors when they themselves are also under the legal drinking age?

Revealed: The hijab-wearing 17-year-old Muslim girl hired as a community police officer

16th August 2007
Daily Mail

Nadia Naeem has been recruited as a Police Community Support Officer

A Muslim teenager has been named as one of the 'babies on the beat' as police community support officers.

The Daily Mail revealed on Monday how Thames Valley police were employing two 16-year-old schoolleavers as PCSOs.

Yesterday it emerged that the force also recruited three 17-year-olds, including Nadia Naeem, now 18, who wears the hijab.

All now have the power to detain and question suspects.

The Police Federation representing rank-and-file officers claims the teenagers, who are still legally children, will lack the maturity and life experience necessary to do a dangerous job.

It says PCSOs are recruited as cheap replacements for mainstream officers.

But Thames Valley police insist the teenagers have the necessary skills.

A spokesman said that "if you are good enough, you are old enough". Miss Naeem, from Bicester, Oxfordshire,

joined the force - which covers Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire - in February.

She patrols the town's East Neighbourhood zone along with four other PCSOs.

She is expected to issue penalty notices, pull over vehicles and carry out 'stop and search' procedures under terror laws.

At the time she was recruited, aged 17, she would have had the power to seize alcohol from anyone in the street despite being too young to drink herself.

According to one resident in her home town, she used to work in the local Tesco.

Community support officers were introduced in 2003 by then Home Secretary David Blunkett as a means of providing an extra reassuring presence on the street.

'Blunkett's Bobbies' have only a fraction of the training given to mainstream colleagues - an initial five-week course compared to 19 for regular police officers.

The teenage PCSOs have now been dubbed Blunkett's Babies.

Police Federation spokesman Metin Enver yesterday called for a minimum recruitment age for the civilian officers of 18, the same as for regular police officers.

He said: "What we are seeing in Thames Valley is chief officers and chief constables looking at ways to save money.

"By replacing sworn police officers with PCSOs we are not getting the level of maturity and expertise which local people-will quite rightly want and deserve.

"If someone does not have the level of expertise or maturity, especially in confrontational or aggressive situations, not only are they putting themselves at risk, but other members of public in danger."

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police refused to reveal who the other four young recruits are.

"We do not want to personalise this and turn the matter into a focus on these young people's competency to do the job," the spokesman said.

The 16-year-old boys work in Reading, Berkshire. It is believed the other two 17-year-olds are based in Oxfordshire.

Thames Valley PCSOs earn 17,000 20,000, depending on their work hours. A full PC starts at 21,000, rising to 33,000.

At least five other forces are known to employ PCSOs under 18, or have admitted doing so in the past.
Minority Observer84
I agree it's pretty silly . If the police want to extended their ranks to more visible minorities that's fine but do they have to be children ?
I reckon they should get a few lepers, dead people, and people in comas.
What?? You sure this isn't from The Onion, Blackleaf?? (I made that error on one article recently ... hee hee).

Seems to me that a 17 year old, no matter what the situation, would not be able to command the respect necessary to successfully be a police officer. I mean really ... I'm old enough to be her granny and if she tried to ticket me for jaywalking I'd have a tough time accepting that. Ageist? Ya, probably, but it's still true.

I can certainly see having Muslims (or any other ethnicity) on board as liasons to educate people about their ethnic communities, supply interpreting services and generally help smooth out the discriminatory issues. I think having all sorts of people available as outreach workers would be a good move for any police force, but to have them actually out chasing bad guys while the experienced cops are doing paperwork is something our own dear Stephen Harper might try.

I must admit that we have a Muslim woman working here in our local pharmacy. I've been looking forward to getting to know her a little so I can strike up a conversation about her ethnicity. I'm always fascinated by other cultures and love the opportunity to speak to people about their roots. But there is a wide gap between enjoying people of other cultures and having some adolecent (of any descent) try to be an authority figure.

Ya ya ... I'm a crotchety old bag, I know!
fortunately in the UK, we're allowed to cross the road wherever we want, so you wouldn't be arrested for jaywalking.
Quote: Originally Posted by hermanntrude View Post

fortunately in the UK, we're allowed to cross the road wherever we want, so you wouldn't be arrested for jaywalking.

Gedouttahere! Really? Well how do the cops make their quota on the slow months then? I'm sure that's the only reason we have such petty rules here in Canada.

Hermanntrude ... I see you're from Edmonchuck but are you an import? And do you have a cool accent?
Everything about me is undoubtedly as cool as it's possible to get without catching fire.

I'm from the UK, of course. My wife's a newfie and we live in edmonton until I find a job in newfoundland HARHARHAR
Minority Observer84
LOL For the longest time I thought Jaywalking laws were dumb . Then I got a driver's license and I know see the logic behind it . We cannot having people crossing the road all willy nilly now can we ?
On more than one occasion dumb individuals have risked their lives crossing the road ahead of my while I was not expecting it .

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