Are prophets infallible?

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God is the only one that is infallible; all other beings, being restricted in every aspect, are not infallible; i.e. they can commit mistakes.

A man objected, and said: "it can't be a prophet and yet fallible."
Another one asserted: "Prophet Mohammed was infallible!"

I said: Do you read the Quran?

He said: Yes.

I said to him: There are many ayat in the Quran, like this one:

[It is narrated that a vessel with honey was presented to one of the wives of the Prophet, and she used to give him to drink out of it, every time he came to her, and the Prophet started to sit longer with her.

Then when his wife Âyshah knew about that, she made an agreement with the rest of his wives, and they made a trick for the Prophet; so they consulted each other and plotted that each one of them should say to the Prophet when he came to her: “I smell the odor of urfut in your mouth” which is a bad smell.

So when the Prophet saw the unanimity of his wives about such words, he thought that what they said was true, and that the honey which he drank had the bad smell of urfut; therefore, he swore that he would not afterwards drink the honey, neither would he go to his wife who gave him the honey.

Therefore, this aya was revealed, including the admonishing of the Prophet with some reproof for his forbidding himself the honey.]

Quran 66: 1, which means:
(O prophet, why do you prohibit [for yourself] that which God has made lawful to you, just to please your wives a ?

But God is Most Forgiving [for you], Most Merciful [to you.]
.................................................. .........................

1 a i.e. those who designed this trick against him.

The meaning: you seek to please them by forbidding for yourself the honey and the coming in to the one who gave you the honey to drink.
Jonah shows that all of God's Prophets do just what He asks of them, to their own death in some cases.
Prophets are just crack pots.
TL is FP.

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