This soora is the summary of the Islam and the Quran

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It is the first soora (or chapter) in the book of the Quran .. it is put at the beginning of the book of the Quran because of its great value.

It is like the introduction or prologue.

It is recited in every Rakaa or kneeling in every prayer.

It is like you enter on a monarch: starting with his name.. then praising him..
then lauding him

.. then enslaving yourself to his majesty.. then ask his help.. (which is the central part of the soora)

then pray him to guide you to the correct straight way which leads you to Paradise in Heaven,

and quitting yourself from the way of the idolaters and atheists among Jews against whom God is wrathful and among Christians who missed the correct way when they ascribed to God a son and believed in the Trinity.

Here is the recitation of this great soora:

This is also the meaning of this marvelous soora 1 in the book of the Quran:
Soora (or chapter) 1
(1. In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
2. Praise is due to God, the Lord of nations and worlds.
3. Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
4. Master of the Day of Judgment.

5. You [alone] we worship; and You [alone] we ask for help.

6. Show us the standard way.

The way [followed] by those [monotheists: Paradise people] on whom You have been Gracious and Bounteous, neither [the way] of those [Jews] with whom You have been angry, nor [the way] of those [Christians] who have gone astray!)

More explanation:
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So this soora includes the praising of God,
and its middle part includes the declaring of man that he worships God alone and none else .. and that he seeks God's help and not the help of anyone else.
While its terminal part indicates the belief in the Next Life, and here man admits that he believes in the Next Life, and that the guidance is up to God alone.
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The virtue of this great soora: the first one in the book of the Quran

1- it is to be rehearsed at the commencing of every important work which leads to the success of such work.
2- it is recited by the patient, and he may be healed by God's grace.
3- the woman at child birth, will have her delivery becoming easy and safe.
4- it increases the provision of man.
5- it averts mishaps from the one who recites it.
6- it is an essential part of every rakaa or kneeling in prayer.
7- the believer may recite it even in the Next Life and in the final judgment because it is a supplication of God.
8- its recital lets man cross every difficulty and traverse every obstacle.
So these are some benefits from this blessed soora of the Quran.

And this is a beautiful recitation of this marvelous soora of the Glorious Quran
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