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I recall the huge debate over whether taking an infant to a sporting event was a wise decision. Public sentiment was 'you are a moron for doing so' and I concur.

Even Doctors suggested the 'roar' of the crowd was damaging to the kids ears, never mind getting hit by something.

And know we have another couple of naïve vegetables acting up.............

Winnipeg parents plan human rights complaint over NHL policy requiring ticket for baby

Winnipeg parents plan human rights complaint over NHL policy requiring ticket for baby - Manitoba - CBC News

Police say the baby was with her mother in the front row of the Rogers Centre when the can was tossed their way.

Television cameras captured a teary woman holding her baby shortly after the incident.

Man arrested after baby sprayed with beer at Blue Jays game |

Canadiens’ Subban ‘really happy’ baby hit by puck is OK

Subban ‘really happy’ baby hit by puck OK | St. Catharines Standard
Baby gets a seat?
I suppose there are babies and there are babies

At what point do the people who complain about adults who led too sheltered a life as children, and so are practically useless, draw the line about what other parents do with their children?

people have TVs and stereos and drink beer in the home too
some time parents even fight
why don't we make them all just STOP!

A true hockey fan would have jerseyed mister beer can and drank his fun for him
watch and learn kid


the roar of the crowd?
I was travelling 6 feet from an un muffled lycoming air craft engine at 6 months old in the old scoot...
and am considered a first class live sound tech...
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