Schoolboys feed their teachers semen, urine infused crepes

Schoolboys feed their teachers semen, urine infused crepes
Aidan Wallace
September 4, 2019
September 4, 2019 3:25 PM EDT
It’s not gross, it’s gourmet.
Seven eighth-grade students from an Ohio middle school have been charged after they allegedly used their semen and urine as ingredients in the crepes they fed to their teachers as part of a cooking class, The Dispatch reported.
The alleged stomach-churning prank took place in the Global Gourmet cooking class being judged by four teachers, who scarfed down the unassuming urine infused crepes.
According to court records, three of the mischievous middle schoolers were charged for either bringing and planning to put their semen on the crepes, actually putting their semen on the crepes, or drenching the hot cakes in barbecue sauce mixed with their urine.
The attorney representing the students, Brad Koffel, told The Dispatch three students had come clean and “agreed to admit it was us, how we did it, in exchange for one count.”
Four other students were charged with delinquency complicity to assault a teacher for participating, aiding, and abetting or doing nothing to stop the sickening stunt.
The charges required proof that physical harm was inflicted Koffel explained, stating the tainted crepes would only have caused “psychological harm.”
Koffel also said the charged students are from “very, very good families” and they “have suffered more at home than they’re ever going to get in the court system. The aberrant nature of this has left an indelible mark on them.”
Students accused of putting urine and semen in teachers’ food
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Despite Koffel extolling the high character of the students, one of them allegedly shot a video of the teachers eating the laced crepes who then shared the video with another student and with a teacher, the Sheriff`s Office said.
“They’re eighth-grade kids. Psychologically, they clearly are suffering an amount of trauma because of their dumb actions,” Koffel said.
The 14-year-olds have their arraignment set for Sept. 16 and 20.
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