Is democracy good?

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Once I heard a Jewish rabbi saying: "The democracy is a blasphemy; in fact it is the utmost blasphemy!" I think he was correct in this respect.

The Judaism and the Islam are very near to each other in general principles .. yet there are serious differences between the two .. the difference is that Jews do not believe in the prophecy of Jesus Christ and of Prophet Mohammed and his Quran.

About their disbelief in Prophet Mohammed and the Quran.. it is as if they disbelieve in Moses and his Torah. Their grandfathers kept doubting in Moses and in the Torah in spite of the so many miracles done by the hand of Moses.

In the school and in the media they kept telling us the democracy is the top of all values and it is a must.. so is it right?

The correct thing about democracy:
No democracy concerning God's law and His religion .. the democracy in fact is in the general affairs of people .. like electing a chief or a president, or making war when it is necessary, or building a school or hospital or constructing a bridge .. etc.

Therefore, God - be glorified - stated in the Quran that there should be counselling among Muslims in general affairs, as in the Quran 42: 38,which means:
(ِِAnd they take counsel among themselves [about their affairs d ])
.................................................. .....................
38 d And they are not individualistic in their opinions.
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Examples :
Had Abraham been democratic, he would not have broken up the idols and statues of his people.
Had Mohammed been democratic, he would not insisted to break up the idols and statues of his people.
These two prophets and others would have said: Let us respect the traditions and opinions of our people the idolaters.

Quran 33: 1-3 ,which mean:

[The beginning of this soora was revealed concerning Abu Sufyan the son of Harb, Ikrima the son of Abu Jahl and Abu A’awar As Salmi; they came to Medina city and were the guest of Abdullah the son of Ubay, following the Battle of the Trench, with safety permission of God’s messenger, in order to talk to him.

They went to him together with Abdullah the son of Ubay, Abdullah the son of Sa’ad the son of Abu Sarh and To’ma the son of Abayriq; they came to God’s messenger and said:

“Mohammed, leave us be to our gods, and we too should leave you and your Lord; so that you will not mention them badly, and we should not mention you badly.”

Therefore, this aya was revealed:]

(1. O prophet, [be steadfast to] ward off [the punishment of] God, and obey not the unbelievers and the hypocrites a .
Surely God is All-Knowing
b , Most Wise c .

2. But follow what is revealed to you from your Lord d ; surely God is Most Aware of that you [all] do e .

3. And put [O prophet] your trust in God f ; and enough is God as a guardian [over you g .])
.................................................. ............................

1 a About what they invite you to leave them be to their religion and their worshiping the idols, but teach and acquaint them that the idols can neither harm nor profit; and anyone worship them will be a loser.

1 b About their purpose before their traveled to you.

1 c With what He bid you with and forbid you from.

Similar to this aya in meaning is His saying – be glorified – in the Quran 68: 9, which means:

(They wish that you should compromise, so that they may also compromise.)

The meaning: They wish that you would leave them and their gods, and so they will leave you be.

2 d To forsake and break up the idols.

2 e So He will reward you in the Next Life according to your acts.

3 f To propagate your religion; but do not pay attention to the words of the associaters, and God will help you against them.

3 g To help you against your enemies.
Islam sure doesn’t like it.
Heaven forbid we let people choose their own destiny.
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What is most astonishing is these two persons:

Walter who is a fanatic Christian, blindly adopting the unreasonable doctrine of the Trinity and that the Christ is the son of God, or that the Christ is God Almighty Himself;
moreover, he denies the crimes of the idolaters and the enthusiastic among his own people; therefore, he only seeks about the faults of Muslims ..
so he accuses the Islam of being against democracy .. while he has evaded reading what I clearly said: that "democracy is for the general affairs of people" but not concerning the law of God revealed in the Quran.

The other man is Johnnny who is a Zionist and an atheist in addition to his rancor against the Islam and Muslims in particular; so he started to blaspheme while he neglected to read the aya concerning the "praise of believers who take counsel among themselves [about their affairs]"
Ad hominem is a poor argument.
racist is a poor arguer
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How the Wicked Zionists exploited the democracy of America :

When Zionists of America captured the media: newspapers, magazines, the book publishing, the TV channels, etc .. they exploited all that to their advantage so as to make a general public opinion to their side .. and to stir enmity and hatred towards the Islam, the Arab and Muslim countries ..

Therefore, they provoked the USA and UK and some European countries to make war against Muslim countries and against the Arab.

So the US government has become the enemy of the Arab and Muslim countries, and the friend of the Zionists of Tel Aviv..

And as such the USA and its people will lose the friendship of the Arab and Muslim countries, while the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv will later leave the American people in the lurk .. after corrupting the American economy, and after causing the hatred to America by the peoples of the world.
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The wrong-doing of America will turn against its own people :

The bias of the USA government to the side of the Wicked Zionist of Tel Aviv, to the disadvantage of the Palestinian, the Arab and Muslim countries .. it is a frank wrong-doing and transgression on the rights of the Arab and Muslims.

Therefore, any wrong-doing in the end will turn against the transgressor himself who is unfair in his judgment and in his deviation to the falsehood of the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv.

Quran 4: 85, which means:
(Whoso intercedes with a good intercession a will have a portion of b its [reward], and whoso intercedes with a bad intercession c will have a share of its [evil] d;

for God, surely, punishes according to everything e in due time . f)
.................................................. ...................................

85 a Which agrees with the religion: by preserving the right of a Muslim: to avert the harm from him, or to benefit him.

85 b i.e. because of it.

85 c Which is contrary to the religion, by which to free a criminal; so that he intercedes for him and save him from the prescribed retaliation.

85 d i.e. he will have a share of his guilt and crime.

85 e i.e. of the evil work and intercession.

85 f i.e. sooner or later, He will take to account and punish according to the evil work and intercession.
Yer just another Jew hater.
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Hence, God's punishment will not be confined to the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv, but God's punishment will include the wrong-doers who support them and aid the Wicked Zionists in their wronging the Palestinian and trespassing their rights and the rights of the Arab and Muslims ..

in addition to incurring God's wrath when the USA government supports the Zionists of Tel Aviv against the House of God the Aqsa Mosque.
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How the democracy can lead to corruption :

The people with wealth and influence can penetrate the democracy so easily ... to turn people and even to buy their support .. and then the falsehood will prevail and the truth may not have control.

Hence, this is what is happening nowadays in America and in many other European countries.

If anyone denies this, let him consider how Hitler became the ruler of Germany, by exploiting the democracy .. so as to win in the election and have the authority.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Yer just another Jew hater.

Do you think that the Christ is pleased with your defending those Zionists who persecuted him?
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Do you think that the Christ is pleased with your defending those Zionists of persecuted him?
If I were the Christ, I would **** on your face in fact.

A follower of the religion of faith shows his stripes.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

A follower of the religion of faith shows his stripes.

I think Jesus Christ will certainly deny you, and you deserve that he may drive you away:
"Go away from me; I don't know [or acknowledge] you, even though you relate yourself to me by name!"

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