Jews, Christians, false history and absurdities

The real Jews of the time of the protorenaissance, with their strong link to the Ancient World (see my post https://jefdemolder.blogspot.com/201...-category.html), were selected as a point of engagement for the construction of false history.

Different traditions concerning the great prophet were darkened by integrating them in a constructed ancient Jewish line of history.

The writers behind the New Testament, Flavius Josephus and the finishing of the Old Testament, developed the invented Jewish line of history as preceding the Christian line in salvation history.

The Jewish history of the time of the invented Jesus, was invented in the Bellum Judaicum, the first work of Flavius Josephus, who was also invented while writing the Bellum Judaicum.

That Christianity was installed in modern times as a reform of the existing religion and church of the great prophet under the form of John the Baptist, was hidden under the invention that Christianity was issued from Judaism in what became the first century.

In the Antiquitates Judaicae, "Flavius Josephus" interpreted the writings of the Old Testament as historical, and as Jewish history, and until today nearly everybody is following "Flavius Josephus".

This writer knew very well that the terms "Jews" and "Judaism" do not occur in the Old Testament in the Greek of Hebrew version, and therefore he said in Antiquitates XI,173 that the term "Jews" was introduced after the Exile in Babylon.

"Flavius Josephus" elaborated the idea that the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem, and the more than a million Jewish victims of the Jewish-Roman war, which he invented, were caused by God who wanted to punish the Jews and who sided from them on with the Romans.

In the Bellum Judaicum the real Jews remain present as a kind of contradicting background. While the invented religious-nationalistic Jewish fanatics of the invented Jewish land are massacrated, the strong Jewish communities in Antiochia, Alexandria and Rome continue to live a peaceful life, totally undisturbed by the great war of the Roman Empire against the Jews.

So already on the literary level the contradictions and irregularities can be remarked which always appear in invented history, but much worse are the consequences in real history, from the renaissance on, when the inventions were put at work.

The real Jews adapted the invented history as their own history, as this was the only way to find a place which was understood and accepted in the Middle World.

Some Jews continue to believe that the Messiah will come and that he will land near to the Mount of Olives, while this Messiah (Christos in Greek) is the result of the forced interpretation of pre-Jewish writings.

Jews come to visit the Western Wall as a holy place, thinking that this belongs to the temple complex restored by Herod the Great, while there has never been a Jewish temple in Jerusalem, and while Herod the Great was made by "Flavius Josephus" a great builder as to create a strong and credible anchor point for the history of the time of Jesus.

In times marked by historicism and material thinking, as Shlomo Sand has well explained, a new Jewish land was created, first in the spirits and then in reality, and reinforced by recent Israeli legislation, a new Jewish land thought as the restoration of the ancient Jewish land that has never existed even if, sure, the region was important in the Ancient World.

The Christians from their side say that the Old Testament is Jewish, and that the Old Covenant was abolished by God, but nevertheless they continue to read the Old Testament in their churches.

The Christians continue to read the Old Testament in their churches, even when in advance they have not the intention to listen and to put in practice the prescriptions of the Old Testament.

The Christians are simply not able to get rid of the Old Testament, because without the forced interpretation seeing the Old Testament full of prophecies on the coming of one single Messiah/Christ, there is no Christ fulfilling the prophecies.

Following invented history, there is no New Testament without the Old Testament, and there is no Christianity without Judaism, but nevertheless the Christians started to persecute the Jews.

The Christians persecuted the Jews, using the argument that the Jews refused to believe in Christ, and even killed him, while everything is simply fiction, Jesus himself, the time of Jesus, and the Jews of his time.

Christians continue to visit the Holy Land and the places where Jesus supposedly has been, contributing to the maintenance of the myth of an ancient Jewish land that has never existed, and of a historical/material Jesus who has never been the intention of the makers.

Curious how humans hide in a cave, sticking labels to it, and calling that "identity", instead of finding a real identity in action and creation, be it the expression of freedom, liberation, humanity, be it in the expression of technological inventivity, painting, poetry or (good or bad popular) music.

Fortunately the days have come in which false history disappears in the abyss of time.

Posted 14th May by Jef Demolder


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