Mayochup makes it to Canada
Rita DeMontis
May 8, 2019
May 8, 2019 8:12 AM EDT
There are days when only mayo will do. Or perhaps ketchup.
Well, what about blending the two?
For those who just can’t make up their minds, check out Mayochup, the latest condiment from Kraft Heinz. Big south of the border, it combines the company’s mayonnaise with its ketchup along with a special blend of spices. The announcement of this new sauce almost broke the Internet with a viral Twitter campaign when it was first launched last September. The debate raged online for months and, love it or hate it, everyone had to try the latest condiment craze.
Canadians have had to wait a few months, but the good news is Mayochup is now available at a supermarket or grocery store near you for $4.50 a bottle – but for a limited time only.
“After seeing the excitement Mayochup generated with Canadians when it launched in the U.S., we knew we had to bring (it) to Canada,” said Brian Neumann, brand manager for Kraft Heinz.
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