World Bank not the IMF

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World Bank not the IMF. Not the same thing.
The 13 Satanic Bloodlines that Rule the World

The concept of Illuminati bloodlines was popularized by Christian Illuminati researcher Fritz Springmeier in his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
Springmeier utilizes the same elements common to all Illuminati conspiracies but adds his own spin: 13 generational Satanic bloodlines ruling all other elite groups and secret societies from the top of their pyramid of power.
ALL members of the Illuminati are Satanists.
ALL members of the Illuminati are subjected to trauma-based mind-control.
ALL members of the Illuminati have Multiple Personality Disorder.
When a member of an Illuminati bloodline reaches the age of 3, he or she is taken to meet an Illuminati Grande Mother, a high-level Satanic priestess. These meetings are held twice a year and are attended by all Illuminati families and their Mothers of Darkness.
The Grande Mother examines and evaluates seven Illuminati children. If the child is worthy of entry into the Illuminati, he or she is assigned to one of the Illuminati bloodlines. For each approved child, another is sacrificed and his or her blood is used to write the name of the newly-approved Illuminati child.
Fritzís Illuminati structure looks like this:

Well, I need a drink or three. Any questions ask old pete.
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It's all cool. I'm a Credit Union member.

Jew free since 1944.
Why would they do that??
Form a Credit Union?
Economic Collapse Confirmed! $244 Trillion Dollar Dark Debt As Half The World Lives On $5.50 A Day

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