In the Indian reservations and in BC schools and communties, E-Coli is finding its way into drinking water and our intestines.

It is a nasty bug to deal with, esp if you are allready weak or ill.

There is a solution that is being ignored - OXYGEN.

IN the form of Hydrogen Peroxide [H2O2], or Ozone, water can be treated and be rid of E Coli. It is an anaerobic bug, it dies with O2 easily.

These treatment options for our water are not being considered enough. My small town home town Innisfail Alberta started using Ozone water treatment for the whole town and even the quality and taste of the water improved immensely, as well as being free of E-Coli "without any doubt".

Thing is, it was CHEAPER than conventional chlorine systems.
And it works better. Maybe thats the problem? - We see governments trying SO HARD to get the Avian Flu bug going....

-fifth storybox down: "Surprise-Surprise-Surprise - Like Clockwork, Avian Flu Found in BC"

Now government is claiming to be suddenly finding huge numbers of ducks in British Columbia infected with an H5N? strain of avian flu. The infected birds have apparently been found in high numbers in BC's interior (the Merritt area). It's as if someone just handed them the scenario they wanted. It's as if they just can't get a pandemic going fast enough. It's as if someone is going around with a little pitri dish full of pandemic virus and an eye-dropper, infecting birds. Either that, or birds are simply not infected at all...and we are being told they are infected. It is quite suspicious indeed. Are animals being used as scapegoats for a pretext for mass vaccinations, martial law, and population reduction?

From what I have seen, this is well within the realm of possibility. Creation of diseases to infect the population has been going on for decades or longer. Medical practises "that never cure, only treat symptoms" fits within this damning accusation of creating disease, and we know by now that "treating symptoms despite the fact that cures exist " is a reality in our medical system.