Hurricane Manipulation Leaves Trail of Bird Victims

Electromagnetic experiment on hurricane Wilma to blame for thousands of migratory bird deaths November 02/2005 - Birds and other magnetically sensitive animals have relied on earth's magnetic field for as long as they have existed. Imagine the havoc wreaked on them during magnetic pole reversals.

Minerals deep inside the earth reveal that the magnetic pole has reversed from north to south and back again many hundreds of times during earth's history. The average time calculated between pole reversals is approximately 250,000 years and one has not occurred for 780,000 years which strongly indicates that we are well overdue for such an event. Many scientists believe that we are already at least 30% into a reversal.

For some time the magnetic field has wandered around like a drunk, and the primary geomagnetic field has weakened by nearly 10% since it was first measured in the 1830's. That is about 20 times faster than the field would decline naturally if it were to lose its power source. Its power source comes from the electric conductivity of the movement of earth's molten iron core which has itself shifted its position by at least 60% since the 1970's. The iron core is more than seven times the volume of the moon.

We have been slowly tipping our way to a sudden massive reversal...and signs of it are all around us. Volcanic, seismic, solar, and bird migration chaos is more than a little evident these days, and seems to be worsening by the minute.

When considering today's statements by scientists claiming that Hurricane Wilma has pushed migratory birds offcourse into the Maritimes - {K -link at BOTTOM} - we ought to ask ourselves if they are telling only part of the truth, and that the whole truth would anger us to the point of demanding a cessation of electromagnetic weather experiments...something they don't yet quite admit to doing, for obvious reasons.

The CBC is reporting that bird watchers in the Maritimes are spotting several species of terns and swallows that are claimed to have been carried north by hurricane Wilma. They say that birds who would normally be sunning themselves in the south are way offcourse because the hurricane diverted them.

Apparently, chimney swifts are being seen in New Brunswick. They should be in south america by now. Swallows barn swallows, tree swallows, banks swallows, rough wing swallows all birds that normally would have gone a long time ago are being seen in high numbers where they should not be seen at this time of year. Stuck in the wrong climate, they are starving and freezing to death. Three-hundred chimney swifts were found dead in one location...but was that really due to food shortages this soon? Entire flocks of birds have been dropping dead a lot lately. Just two weeks ago there was a flock of starlings that fell out of the sky onto a roadway in the town of courteney..and that is just the ones we've heard about. Stories like this are not exactly front page news. Most are downplayed as having been caused by one bird leading an entire flock into the ground. Not a likely scenario.

There is clear evidence that hurricane Wilma, along with a few other of this year's atlantic hurricanes were the result of weather manipulation via electroscalar-magnetic manipulation of earth's ionoshpere, which is our protective layer which staves off the effects of solar blasts and meteorites. The ionosphere is also responsible for radio signal transmissions and northern lights (aurora borealis)..and is the electrical navigation map-system for migratory birds, bugs, and animals birds.

Setting off electromagnetic pulses using HAARP technology will kill flocks of birds, or make them go crazy... making them take dangerous wrong-turns, throwing them well offcourse during crucial journeys. A magnetic pole reversal can have the same detrimental effect that electroscalar magnetic weapons and weather manipulation technology has, and unless you are privy to secret intelligence, the only way you would be able to decipher the two problems from each other would be to carefully monitor the climate while at the same time monitoring military activity and information in the press that either supports or conflicts with a particular theory.

Don't blame the wind! The wind is not the villain. The US and Canada's military are using dangerous electromagnetic weapons experiments in the air and in the sea...and is highly suspect as the culprit in this case.

An already weakened magentic field is being bashed and destroyed by the military..compounding all other problems, including the avian flu 'problem'. Imagine..they can send migratory birds in any path they wish. They can infect any group of birds with any deadly virus they want, and send those infected birds to any destination they desire, by manipulating their magnetic navigation systems which rely on magnetite inside their brains to guide them along magnetic pathways. What a perfect weapon. They can infect a geographical area with a virus and then use HAARP to blast the birds afterwards and stop further spread, creating an exclusive zone of death at a location of their choice...because the uses of HAARP afterwards creates sterilization of an area, rendering all bacterial and viral life inorganic (no longer threatening). They can effectively steer infected birds to a desired area and let them infect that area..then afterwards using the same technology, blast them dead.

I wish they'd tell the truth. But don't expect corporate criminal governments to admit to their own crimes, or convict themselves either.

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http://www.cbc.ca/story/science/nati...lma051031.html CBC reports Birds off Course[/url]