Chirac appeals for calm as French suburban riots spread

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Ya got THAT right, Colpy - There are few things that Trudeau did that I approved of, but at the top of the Short List was the way he dealt with the October Crisis....

"a few bleeding hearts don't like to see soldiers in the street; that's up to them!.... Just watch me."

yep, he did good. cool as a cucumber too.....

but back to the topic.
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and what prompted such hostility at YT (a fellow poster)

............can you answer a simple question about the advice part??

"Hostility???" You take an observation about your stance as "hostility"? Man, you're way too sensitive. Grow a shell.

You made it CLEAR in this thread that the USA should shut the frig up! WHY? Are they incapable of offering any advice? No - and you know it.... you just want to land on them like a ton of bricks, because that feels good.
Don't like your attitude questioned? Geeze Louise, so sorry about that.

no......I stated that France did NOT need any advice from the US. and furthermore ........why would France take any advice from the US when the bush regime treated France like shit when they refused to join in the bush rah rah for invading Iraq. Remember the french fries crap that went around. ??? Lest we forget that was touchie for some time.

If France gets in a bind and seeks assistance (advice)...... another story.