Poor Clarence. 13 year old lion in a national park in (I think ) Zimbabwe. Lured out of the park at night by bait and shot with an arrow by an American dentist who paid $50k ish for the thrill of it all. Of course the Lion didn't die, but ran away with the arrow in him and took about 10 hours to expire. The Great White Hunters stayed away until they were sure he was dead, then moved in and butchered him, removing all trace of him, even his tracking collar, but whoops! The data had already been sent and therefore a complete record was pretty easy to recreate. Busted. Poor American became an over night pariah. Destroyed his dental practice.

The upshot however is pretty sad.

The African hunter got off with nothing. The American isn't even charged with anything because what would the point be. The US wildlife service still has him under investigation but the fact is that the life of a lion is worthless.

To me the most interesting parts of the whole story is that:

1) there are over 2 and half million acres of open Lion hunting range in Africa,and

2) Clarence was the 42nd tracking collared Lion to be poached out of that park.

Where was the outrage for the first 41?

Humans: what a scourge.