Why people are upset about the police shooting of Korryn Gaines

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— even if she shot at cops

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My Latest. White fear, white privilege, and the awful police shooting of 23 year old mother #KorrynGaines .

When police went to Korryn Gaines’s apartment in Baltimore County on Monday to serve an arrest warrant for a low-level offense, she reportedly didn’t comply. According to police, she barricaded herself in her home with a shotgun aimed at the officers. She kept her 5-year-old son at her side during the hours-long standoff. She threatened to kill the officers. And she allegedly shot back at police after they fired one shot, leading to a shootout that got her killed and her son injured.

But despite her reportedly erratic behavior, Gaines has quickly become the latest face of the Black Lives Matter movement — with racial justice advocates still discussing her death days after it happened.

It will be very interesting to see what he reveals about the ten-minute conversation he had with Gaines before police opened the door and he fled with their youngest child to safety (and police custody). He was later released that same day on his own recognizance.

shocking dindu nuffin stuff

Why people are upset about the police shooting of Korryn Gaines — even if she shot at cops - Vox



some background stuff from Ogrish:

Here are some videos of Korryn Gaines, the woman who was recently killed in a shootout with the police. This first one shows her during a traffic stop some months before the shooting. She was basically begging to be killed right then and there. Her two small children were in the car. One was an infant and the other was 5. She ordered her five year old to fight the cops if they tried to take him out of the car:



This next video took place before the police entered her home. It showed her talking to her son who she refused to allow to leave the house so he could get to safety. Although the boy was smiling, he was obviously scared and confused, but wanted to please his mother. He got shot in the arm during the shootout and survived.


This last video shows Gaines again arguing with the cops right before the fatal incident :


None of these videos feature the actual shooting or any physical violence, which is why they are here in the non gore section, but I found them interesting in how they show the bizarre behavior and twisted mindset of someone who is hell bent on provoking a reaction from the police.

And more of these will come as the BLM mindset of disrespecting authority/police creeps more and more into the mainstream. That aside, what a dumb bitch.

Really sad especially for her brainwashed human shie-erhm-child i mean.......
do you think perhaps that the Vox headline was 'dramatic' because it would appear no one is actually getting upset at all.

and that the wapo was channeling tyt a tad much in theirs?

maybe they shoulda used that wannabe black dude's tweet instead. it was pretty sexy.

oh well...the olympics are on I hear.
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Yep, she was a model citizen, fer sure.
THE SJWs have a petition going around demanding facebook explain why they obeyed a police order to close her facebook page.