Mozilla Firefox

Give Mozilla Firefox a try...

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD BROWSER... Fast! But this site looks funny with the form fields. The border around forum textboxes are big.
I just use Internet Explorer, I have no real reason to change. It doens't really crash often like people say, or do anything bad. If it works, I'll use it.
The issue with the textboxes is more of a coding issue than anything else...
Bah, I don't like firefox. I think it's extremely slow, especially when compared to Opera and IE.

I also have no real reason to use another browser. I have Opera 7.x and IE 6.x.. It all works for me
True that...

Basically 90% of web developers hard-code for netscape and ie...

I used to be a netscape user and now that i'm used to ie I don't seem to find any browser that's great and appealing to me..
Agreed.. once I started using the Evil IE when AOL bought out Netscape I kinda got used to it. Firefox is nice, but I use IE 99% of the time.

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