I am quite fed up of those companies who don't bother listening to what I have to say. Are they somewhat stupid? Yes as a matter of fact they are.

I've been testing software for quite a few years and sending in bugs, problems and stuff that should be changed. Small companies seem to be very appreciative of the fact that someone is willing to help them for nothing, while other companies don't give a crap who you are and are snobbish.

Yes I had the opportunity to embarass a company in national computer magazine The Computer Paper, but until the company, who will remain nameless, finally moved their ass, and still gave a crap response on the security bug.

I also have talked to another AV company who will also remain nameless on a specific bug that disables the autoprotect mode of the program when going to the welcome screen. I emailed them twice and still no response in about a month. This list could go on and on, but maybe companies should be listening to people and what they have to say.

Sometimes there are miscommunications in a company, which is understandable but why do you have to insult my intelligence by saying there's nothing wrong? It makes me sick. I do the software testing/reviewing for people in general and when there's something wrong I'll tell you about it, and be helpful as possible to make sure nothing could go wrong.