On the Road Again...

Broadband Boy
Mobile Satellite Dish ?

Okay, clearly it's not moving mobile, I guess the correct term would be Stationary Mobile Satellite...

The dish mounts to a roof of a minivan and uses a GPS to locate satellite and voila... internet and TV anywhere... Try doing that with Cable!!!

Introducing the iNetVu™ Mobile High Speed Internet Service providing full time, 2-way access to the Internet anywhere in North America – Canada, US, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America without the need for land-line hook ups, expensive cellular phones or other additional and often expensive, wireless services

Partnered with Hughes Network Systems Inc, and pleased to announce iNetVu™ High-Speed Mobile Satellite Edition which allows users to receive wireless high-speed Internet access anywhere! iNetVu™ is the first of its generation to offer low-cost, wireless High-Speed Internet services via satellite!
Ahh.... That is so cool. Sort of like those TV vans drive around with satellites on their roof?
Bob Carrick
I worked for a wireless ISP in the states and when we where done you could drive aorund Boston at 60 mile an hour and surf that web at 3 mbps both ways. Wireless not satellite even.
Broadband Boy
Bob: Speeding down the information ramp is cool in the city or where cell towers exist, but try this one in the bush off the beaten trail....
I'd love a system that I could use out in the bush/remote areas
It's here and it's expensive!!!

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