Rogers = Static IP? (Rogers Static Ip)

I don't know why the corporate guys on Rogers said that the new Rogers service is "Dynamic in nature".. I've had the same ip since the day Rogers moved away from @Home. Dynamic ip? Uh uh.

Even releasing the IP doesnt change it! No wonder they have a problem with people running servers.
Rogers has not gone completely dynamic...its not like Bell which is PPPoE which means you get a new ipevery time you log on. Rogers is DHCP which means you have your ip for 7 days and then the lease expires...if no one picks up your ip then you get to keep it for the next 7 days and so ip has changed a few times but that was because I was doing stuff I shouldn't have been doing
Bob Carrick
PPPoE does not mean you get a new IP everytime you log on.
As far as I knew it did...I know it means Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet but it basically means you get a new ip when you log on to the network
Bob Carrick
No, in no way is that what it means. Since when did Point to Point mean new IP. Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet combines two standard PPP and Ethernet. Giving broadband access a familiar dial-up feel. IE a userid and password to log on to your broadband service. That is the only thing it actually means. IPs can be "static" or dynamic.
I am just saying most PPPoE servies have a dynamic ip like bell...which every time you log on your ip usually changes
Bob Carrick
Yes they have a dynamic IP but no it does not mean you get a new IP every time you log in. I know many people who can't get a new IP until they shut down the connection for more then 10 minutes.

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