The Sims: Unleashed!

If you're a sims fan, be sure to check out "The Sims: Unleashed".. Now you'll have little furry critters running around your house barking! LOL!

Very clever game
wow. so cool and life like from the makers of the original simcity games! (was maxis, but they were bought out)
I _LOVE_ the sims... Wicked sim game! Maxis is an excellent and wonderful company creating all these really cool games.. If you like the sims be sure to check out simcity3000! Wicked game! w00t!
Are they not going a little bit overboard?
I think they went a little overboard like 8000000 sims releases ago But they are getting much better and WAAAY more interactive.. the reason why they will continue to be a big success.
They have gone overboard... But I like the game and find it extremely addictive. They have some new game where you can actually play online in a sims city... cool huh!
Sorry, forgot to mention its a pay service.
I really want to try that new online game service from the sims... However, there's no way im paying for a service without even a trial.

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