Houston mom finds security footage of daughters' bedroom online

Houston mom finds security footage of daughters' bedroom online
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First posted: Thursday, August 11, 2016 04:28 PM EDT | Updated: Thursday, August 11, 2016 04:33 PM EDT
A Houston mother says the security camera she put in her twin daughters' bedroom was hacked and that the footage was put online for the world to see.
The woman, identified only as Jennifer, told KTRK she found out about the hacking when a friend texted her after seeing a picture on Facebook that she thought it was a picture of her daughters' room.
"People are watching my kids in their home, dressing, sleeping playing. It's a parent's worst nightmare," Jennifer told ABC News .
A security company was able to track the hack, which it believes originated from a video game one of the daughters was playing.
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Something like that was on BT this morning....
If you have one of those internet provider modem/router combo, you should change the factory password that is on the tag at the back to one of your own.
I got into a friendly argument with the telephone company man who brought the one I have now a couple of years ago, because the modem I had been using for ages couldn't handle the increased internet speed I was buying.
The first thing I did was change the password while he was there to walk me through it.

I have the Mac address list of every wifi gadget in the house......and once in a blue moon when I'm bored or the internet acts erratically as it sometimes does I will check it against the list of everything hooked on to my router.

over 16 years ago some teenager down my street showed how easy he could hack into my computer, and his advice on how to protect myself has stood up all those years:
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I guess there's a mom who has learned that maybe putting a security camera in her daughter's bedroom was a bad idea.

Who the F puts a camera in the kids' rooms? Sounds like a paranoid or pervert.
TBone is gonna have to take me off ignore to learn how to post a video.....

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The way your post turned out is kind of ironic. when you watch it on you tube and view the details

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Hacker Phrase of the Week for December 21, 2014 -- From the movie "The Indian in the Cupboard"

Usage: Anytime someone fails at something because they don't really understand what they're doing!


Barney: I can't get this new computer to work
Fred (flips switch on): You should not do magic you do not understand.