Power grid connection for First Nations to save millions, report says

Power grid connection for First Nations to save millions, report says

Well duh.
Isn't the rock quite hard to be drilling holes for the poles? You sure that over that period of time something not tied to a system that could go down just from freezing rain? I'm not trying to promote an unproven technology and storage of NG or propane is easy and refilling is easy also, especially if gas can be brought in via pipeline. You would need power lines and the a backup for when it fails, this is using the backup as the main system also. In some cases a mobile hospital might be 7 rail cars or some semi trucks and rigid lines would do them anygood,
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Yes there likely will be problems but once overcome there will be savings.
I imagine they had problems with the wheel until they developed a braking
system. Put power in all over the province.
The maintenance is also lower or is that going to get cheeper as time goes by. Lines would be a great thing if you owned the chopper company that does all the expensive work. Driving C-Train on a winter only road for 3 months and then everything is parked during the time the swamp and tundra are un-thawed. You can't drive around to do ant servicing. Add the expense of fixing that is something that can't be done yet because ways to fix the erosion that results is something that is a work in progress. Lines can't be cjeaper at any break even point when servicing the 'far north'. Power is certainly the answer as far as fences go, after that it is a very many square miles per person. You want reliable power for a winter with extreme weather but also providing enough that the people are not hole up because resourses are low because the 'south' is taking more power than predicted or some other calamity that is beyond the ability of the people in the far north to 'fix'.
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Ballard is a joke/has always been part scam part joke-remember when they were going to save earth with hydrogen fuel cells?

Well it never happened the people who ran the place took the money & ran and the company haven't been able to do anything but generate hot air since.

Coyotes love power lines that's how they've managed to populate every place that has them-power lines=easy living.
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Ballard is a joke/has always been part scam part joke-remember when they were going to save earth with hydrogen fuel cells?

Without trying to derail the thread the reason 'hydrogen' never took of is because Big Oil is not in the business of producing hydrogen, they produce gasoline and other fuesl like jet fuel. For every barrel of oil you get a certain amoung of each and you cannot store it or throw it away to you make the best use of it as possible, burn it in an engine. GM made a car that ran on hydrogen and it would have been a very good car but no fuel was going to be made for it. If gas runs out we might see NG turbines that charge batteries rather than spinning a transmission. The idea her is what will still be working in 40 years and will keep working for another 40 with no major changes. I'm pretty sure a train engines runs pretty clean these days and the far north is oil country so diesel is as close as your nearest small truck and up. Just putting a small truck onto a roller you gave something that will run the biggest welder you will ever need so charging batteries when it is dark outside has an easy solution on one efficient small engine is doing more than one duty Water purification is also stand-alone systems these days so the newest systems should be installed rather than getting the pieces that are coming out of production and can be had at surplus prices. Same with sewage systems, it has to be enviro friendly and self contained and all water reused for some purpose. The far north has no shortage of water, purification is the issue as well as keeping it in liquid form.

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